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Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid and Spain. 16 and counting as of June 20, 2013.

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Q: Who is the most red carded player in professional football?
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Who is the highest scoring professional CFL football player?

Lui Passaglia, placekicker/punter for The BC Lions from 1976-2000. He scored a total of 3,991 points, which is the record for most points by a player in any professional football league.

What sports is the maximum money earner?

I would say football because it is the most physical and it has the most gear. A professional football player earns about 600,000 dollars a year.

What is Andrei Arshavin most famous for?

Andrei Arshavin is most famous for being a professional football player from Russia. He most recently played for the British football team Arsenal but currently is not on a team.

Can anyone become a professional football player?

Yes, anyone can be a professional at anything. You must understand that most men would be cut in training camp.

What player has won the most trophies in professional football?

It is the Welsh winger Ryan giggs, he has won 12 E.p.L.

Would you approve for a 9th grader to place his goal to go and be a professional football player?

It is definitely worthwhile to set goals. A person may (and probably should) have several goals. Becoming a professional football player may certainly be one of them. In setting goals, you should also outline what steps you have to take to reach your goals. Getting a good high school education is not only an excellent goal in itself, it is also an extremely important step in achieving your goal of becoming a professional football player. High school football prepares you for college football, and college football prepares you for professional football. Professional football teams select players from the colleges, usually from among those who are in their graduating year. Getting a good high school education gets you into college, so getting into college should be one of your steps in becoming a professional football player. Of course, getting into college is also an excellent goal in itself. Getting a good college education should also be one of your long-term goals, as well as being one of the steps to take in becoming a professional football player. Since professional football teams usually select players who are in their graduating year, it is necessary to get good grades in order to stay in college and play football. A good college education also prepares you for a career after you retire as a professional football player. The most important thing in life, as well as football, is to be and do the best you can at all times, in every situation. Always put 100 percent of your effort into whatever you do, whether it is making a tackle or writing an essay. Most graduating college football players have the physical ability to play professional football. The difference in making it as a professional football player is usually not physical ability, it's mental attitude. Learn something from all of your experiences, both positive and negative experiences. Become a better person, and a better football player, as a result of each and every experience.

Which professional football player holds the record for most career goals with the same team?

Probably Pele of Santos Brazil

What proffessional athlete has sold the most jerseys?

Ladainion Tomlinson has sold the most jerseys out of any professional football player but i am not sure about all of sports.

What is the most favorite professional sport in the US?


What is Fernando Redondo most famous for?

Fernando Redondo is famous for playing football. He was essentially a defensive midfield player. He is from Argentina. Fernando has now retired from playing professional football.

When was the football player Ryan Clark born?

Ryan Clark was born on October 13, 1979 in Marrero, Louisiana. He is most known for playing professional football in the NFL, with his position being safety.

Why is David Beckham the most famous football player in the world?

no but he is the most famous football player for England

What is the most watched professional sport in America?


Which professional sport pays the most money?


Who has the most professional football championships?

Green bay

What is uruguay's professional sports played?

Football (soccer) and basketball are the most played professional sports.

What college football team has the most active professional football players?

Alabama in 2011 and 2012.

What is the difference between the weight of a fifth grader and the weight of a professional football player?

Most fifth grade football players weigh between 60-120 pounds. Most NFL players weigh between 200 and 325. Of course there are exceptions.

Professional soccer player?

The most famous professional soccer player is known all over the world but is now retired. This professional player is David Beckham.

What is the average professional football player forty yard dash time?

i have heard that a fit running back in the nfl should run at most a 4.3 or 4.4

What player played the most professional football seasons?

George Blanda played for 26 seasons. He was 48 years and 109 days old when he retired from the game.

What is Bill Bushell most famous for?

Bill Bushell is famous for his time spent as a professional football player in Australia in the early 1900s. He was a defender, and his nickname was 'Joe'.

What was Joe McKnight most famous for?

Joe McKnight is most famous for his athletic abilities. He is a professional football player, who plays running back for the New York Jets. He was drafted to the Jets in 2010.

What is the most expensiv football player?

At the momen the most expensive football player in the NFL would have to be Peyton Manning or Troy Polamalu

What football player is on the most football cards?

Michael Jordan