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im not sure buy possibly northwestern throughout the years they have been dominating women's lax

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Q: Who is the most recent winner of the NCAA women's lacrosse?
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Is the STX arrow a womens lacrosse head?

No. It was strictly designed for mens lacrosse. They had to make it oddly shaped to pass NCAA standards.

When was NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship created?

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship was created in 1971.

Do you get a ring when you win the ncaa lacrosse championship?


Did Hopkins lacrosse ever play Boston college lacrosse?

Not likely, Boston College Lacrosse is a MCLA not NCAA like Hopkins

Does uga have lacrosse?

yes but not an NCAA one... its a club team in the MCLA (Mens Club Lacrosse Association)

What is Syracuse Univ. Women's Lacrosse team logo and colors?

Syracuse offers these levels of lacrosse according to college boardWomen's NCAA Division IWomen's IntercollegiateWomen's ClubWomen's Scholarship

Is Syracuse the best NCAA lacrosse team?

It is a very opinionated question. Although, in my opinion Syracuse is the best NCAA lacrosse team. But, has much competition with other Big East Schools.

Who is NCAA Womens basketball scoring leader?

Dugan bradley

What is the seating capacity for the womens ncaa final four?

it is 1

How long is the womens NCAA shot clock?

30 seconds

Who won the NCAA Men's Lacrosse National Championship in 2008?


How many ncaa lacrosse championships have duke university won?