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Q: Who is the most powerful WWE diva?
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Who is the most powerful diva in the WWE?


Is john Morrison married to a WWE diva?

No, he is not married to a WWE Diva. But he is dating WWE Diva, Melina.

Who is the most beautiful WWE diva?


Who is the most hot diva of WWE?


Can you be a wwe diva now?

You have to sign a contract to be a WWE diva

Who is the most popular diva in WWE?

100% natalya

Who is the most annoying WWE Diva?

Vickie . G

Who is the most ticklish WWE diva?

stacy keibler

What is kelly kelly big accomplishment?

Kelly Kelly's big accomplishments are that, she is a WWE Diva and a very famous one. In the WWE, her accomplishments include: a. One time WWE Diva Champion She is one of WWE's most popular and fan favourite Diva's.

Is WWE diva Natalia's mom a diva too?

No Ellie (Naytala's mom was never a WWE Diva

Was WWE'S Lilian Garcia a Diva?

Lilian is considered a WWE Diva

Who is the lightest WWE diva?

The lightest WWE Diva is AJ Lee

Is kelly kelly a WWE diva?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva

When was WWE Diva Search created?

WWE Diva Search was created in 2003.

Who is the most famous WWE diva?

chyna and stacy kebiler

Who won the most WWE women's championships?

Trish Stratus is the WWE diva who won the most WWE Women's Championships. She has won the women's championship 7 times, the most in WWE history.

What happened to WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

wwe diva Kelly Kelly got released from the wwe for a bit!

Is WWE diva kelly kelly like to strip?

No. She is not a porn star. She is a WWE Diva

Who is the scariest WWE diva?

Ariel (Kevin Thorn's vampire mistress). She was a very creepy looking freak. <-- that's not even WWE. Actually, the most scary WWE diva was Jazz. She looked like a man. She had bigger muscles then most of the guys.

Is WWE diva Michelle Mcool still in WWE?

No she is not

Who is the most confident WWE diva in being naked?

maryse ouellete

What is the sexual orientation of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is heterosexual.

When did WWE Diva Search end?

WWE Diva Search ended on 2005-08-15.

What is wwe diva aj lee bra size?

WWE diva, AJ Lee has a bra size of 30B. In 2012, AJ Lee won the Diva of the Year award for WWE.

Who do you think the fittest WWE diva is?

The fittest WWE diva for fact and this accutally a real fact. The fittest wwe diva is Michelle Mccool i mean just look at her body.She has the slimiest one