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Andy Murray

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Q: Who is the most popular tennis player in England?
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Who is singapore's most popular tennis player?

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Who are Spain's most popular sports icons?

SPAIN'S MOST POPULAR ICONS Rafael Nadal, the most popular tennis player...... Then Fernando Torres, the player who plays for the club Chelsea and David Villa....

Who is the most popular women tennis player for great Britain?

There are not many notable tennis players from Great Britain, especially on the women's side. But the most popular, in my opinion, has to be Dorothea Douglass Chambers.

What is the most popular tennis magazine in the world?

The most popular tennis magazine in the world is "Tennis" magazine. "Tennis" is a monthly magazine that has been published for over forty years and features news from the world of tennis.

Who is the most popular sport men in the world?

David Beckham and Messi are the most popular players in the world from scorer. Tendulkr and Bradmen are the most popular players from cricket. Roger feder is most popular in tennis. Tiger Woods is most popular sports player in Golf.

What are the national games of England?

Football (Soccer), Cricket and Rugby Football are the most popular. We also play Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Basketball ...

Who is the most popular celeb in France?

there is coco and chanel but that is old. But this is Mary Pierce she is a famous tennis player! hope that helped

Where is tennis popular in Indonesia?

Although tennis is popular allover Indonesia. Bali, a province in Indonesia is known for the longest running and most popular charity tennis event. There are many tennis courts and clubs in Bali.

England's most prestigious tennis tournament is?


What is the most popular sport in Paraguay?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Paraguay. However tennis, Golf, and biking are also very popular there

Are there any Libyan tennis players?

Muayed Zankouli. Although he is now living in England where he is studying.

What is the most popular sport viewed your women?