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The curently World no 2. Badminton singels Lee Chong Wei. He is a talented badminton player in Malaysia.

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Q: Who is the most popular badminton player from Malaysia and in Malaysia?
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Who are some of the most popular badminton players in the world?

Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia

Which country has the most badminton titles?


Why is Soccer and Badminton the most popular sports in Malaysia?

The word soccer (English word) is not popular in Malaysia. The English term is Football. One should remember in USA Football is called 'soccer', not elsewhere. As a mass sport, not only in malysia, Football is popular all over the world, and Malaysia makes no difference. As for Badminton, this game got the popularity and prized in Indo-China region. All countries of Indo-China are good in Badminton (like China, Malaysia, Thailand etc.)

Can you Give me list of top players of badminton in world?

Of course our number 1 top player is Datuk Lee Chong Wei our be love badminton player of Malaysia.. Saying thanks to him is most

Who is the most popular badminton player in the India?

kashayaph parupali saina nehwal

What is the most popular sport in Malaysia?

The national sport of Indonesia is badminton. However traditional sports exist, such as sepak takraw (a form of soccer played without the ball touching the ground and a ball made of reeds)

What continent is badminton most popular in?


What was the most popular sport in the Tudor times?


Which countries are successful at playing badminton?

china Of course china!!! but wait Indonesia has more convincing players when it comes to playing awesome badminton. Its players could provide great entertainment due to their great talent and they're really genius. Korea is also a good one..

What is the 2 most popular sport in China?

Table tennis and Badminton.

Second most popular sport in china?

it is most likely badminton or ping pong.

What culture does badminton belong to?

Badminton has its origins in ancient civilizations such as China, India, and Greece. However, it is most commonly associated with Asian culture, particularly in countries like China, Indonesia, and Malaysia where the sport is widely popular.