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In modern wrestling I think John Cena, The Rock or Randy Orton is the most popular wrestler. But Triple H, Undertaker and Edge are also loved by the WWE Universe. In whole WWE history I have to say Hulk Hogan, with Stone Cold as a great second. Personally I think Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler ever. He will be inducted to Hall of Fame April 2, the day before WrestleMania 27, and I'm definitely going to watch that :)

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โˆ™ 2011-03-25 08:03:20
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Q: Who is the most popular WWE wrestler?
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Who is the most popular wrestler in the WWE and wwf?

stone cold in wwf and john cena in wwe

Is the most popular wrestler in the WWE Jeff hardy?

Yes it is obvious the high-flyer is on top of WWE!!!!! Hardy Hardy

Who is the no. 1 wrestler in WWE?

John Cena is probably the most popular wrestler in the WWE and is the no.1 guy in the company. CM Punk is the no.2 guy and the only wrestler who is as popular as Cena in the list of wrestlers who are in a full-time wrestling capacity with the WWE. Other top stars include Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show, Ryback etc

Who do you think was the most technical wrestler ever in the WWE?

Every person has their opinion on who the best wrestler is on WWE. Most people think that John Cena is a good wrestler.

Who has the most tattoo has in the WWE?

i think that Randy Orton is the wwe wrestler with the most tattoos in the wwe

Is drew mcintyre popular in the WWE?

Sure, every wrestler is popular in WWE especially if you are a former WWE Incontinental Champion and a former WWE Tag Team Champion.

Where could one find information on WWE's wrestler Kane?

Information on wrestler Kane can be found on a lot of web pages, one of the most popular is in Wiki. Bleacher Report and About also has information on the wrestler.

Who was the fist WWE wrestler?

who was the fist wwe wrestler

Who is the Most successful wrestler in WWE?

the undertaker

Who is the most feared wrestler in the WWE?

the undertaker

Who is the most popular WWE is superstar 2010?

the undertaker will forever be the most popular and loved wrestler of all time in the wwe.the day he retires will be the saddest day in the history of sports entertainment

Who is most powerfull wrestler in WWE?

john cena

Who is the most dominant WWE wrestler?

Brock lesnar

Who is the most hateful wrestler in the WWE?

Chris Jericho

In 2015 did anyone die in WWE?

i think 8 wrestler died in 2015 most popular is american dream dusty rhodes.

How tall is WWE wrestler edge?

WWE Wrestler Edge is 6.6

Do you need college to be a WWE wrestler?

No you do not need college to be a WWE Wrestler

Can you make a WWE superstar on

No but in most of the WWE video games you can create a wrestler in Create- A- Wrestler Mode also on WWE fan nation new on you can create and avatar or post a picture of wrestler i am not sure if you can edit the wrestlers

Who is the most recent WWE wrestler to be let go?


Is john cena the most populast WWE wrestler?

yes he is

Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Is there a wwe wrestler name john hunter?

No. There is no WWE Wrestler by the name of John Hunter.

Who is the most popular wrestler ever?

the most popular wrestler of all time is shawn michaels

Where is batisa wrestler for WWE?

In case you missed it, he left the WWE. And he's most likely moving to MMA.

Who is the highest paid pro wrestler 2010?

The Professional Wrestler in WWE that gets paid the most is John Cena.