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This answer below was not right. I was trying to find out the way numbers are handed out for my Sunday league side but know that in the UK the striker is classically number 9, the diminutive Maradona type is a number ten and a left winger is a number 11.

Putting the numbers from right to left is far to logical a system to apply to a British invented sport!!!!

I've researched it and Wiki have an entry on this subject which is:

  1. Goalkeeper
  2. Right full back (right back)
  3. Left full back (left back)
  4. Right half back (right half)
  5. Centre half back (centre half)
  6. Left half back (left half)
  7. Outside right (right winger)
  8. Inside right
  9. Centre forward
  10. Inside left
  11. Outside left (left winger)

    The above seems to be a rather odd, though typically modern Chelsea-esque formation but what can I say, I've improved on the previous answer. And for what it's worth I play number four!


Traditionally, the number 5 in football is worn by the player playing in the right back position. However, this is supposing a 4-4-2 formation is played eg

10 11 Forwards

6 7 8 9 Midfield

2 3 4 5 Defence

1 Goalkeeper

This formation is not definitive, however, and different factors such as player preference and the time a player is acquired may change the player wearing number five.

Allan :)

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Does anyone know a soccer player who wears the number five? I don't know a thing and I'm trying to look it up. But nothing says a thing about it!!!

carles puyol

fabio cannavaro

rio ferdinand


It is traditionally the number that would be worn by a central defender.

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Two players stand out both have won F.i.f.A players of the year. They are Zidane and Fabio Canavaro.

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Zinedine Zidane wore number 5 for Real Madrid.

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Defenders usually

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Q: Who is the most famous number 5 jersey in soccer?
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