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robin van persie

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โˆ™ 2011-10-31 22:36:23
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Q: Who is the most expensive player in arsenal fc now?
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Who is Arsenal FC most expensive player?

Used to be Jose Antonio Reyes, but I dont no who it is now, maybe Adebayor or Fabregas.

Who is now the highest paid player in arsenal?

van persie

Who is the most expensive foot ball player in the world?

The most expensive American football player for a number of years was Michael Vick. When he went to serve jail time it left a nice space for more players. Right now the most expensive NFL player is Heins Ward. :)

Who is the best player in arsenal now?

My vote goes to Robin van Persie.

Who is the most expensive player on fifa 10?

The most expensive footballer for the year2010 is Christiano Ronaldo , who now plays for Real madrid. He was sold for 80 million pounds.

Who is the most expensive football player for Manchester city?

As of right now Carlos Tevez with a transfer fee of 47m pounds, but he may go to play in Brazil. If he does, then the most expensive player would be Sergio Aguero for 38m pounds.

Who is the most expensive player in world football?

Till now Cristiano Ronaldo is the most expensive player. The Portuguese footballer had been bought by Real Madrid in the summer transfer window from Manchester United for 95 million Euro.

Most expensive player in premiership?

Right now im guessing Cristiano Ronaldo or Theirry Henry who plays 4 Arsenal i think errr anyway Cristiano Ronaldo but i don't know how much romour has it kaka is going 2 Chelsea 4 157 million euros

What is the most expensive violin called?

It is generally accepted that Stradivarius made what are now the most expensive violins.

What is the most expensive phone-?

The most expensive phone on the market right now is the iPhone 6 plus.

Schedule of premiership most expensive players?

I don't know the schedule. John Terry is most expensive right now.

Which player who has won the champions league plays for arsenal now?

Mikaël Samy Silvestre won a champions league medal in 2008 with Manchester United before transferring to Arsenal in August 2008.

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