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Buffon of Italy

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Q: Who is the most expensive goalkeeper?
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Who is the most expensive goalkeeper the world?

The most expensive goalkeeper is Gianluigi Buffon (Italian Goalkeeper)(Juventus)

Who is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world?


Who was the most expensive premiership goalkeeper?

Petr cech

Who is the most expensive football goalkeeper ever?

Gianluigi Buffon-£33 Million-Juventus And Italy

Who is the most expensive English football goalkeeper ever?

well at the moment pepe riena is it because he is 90 grand! so peter cech is 2nd.

Who is mancity nomber 1 keeper?

Andreas Isaksson has the number 1 shirt and is the most experienced and expensive goalkeeper at man city Joe Hart

Which goalkeeper has conceded the most ever english premier league goals?

chelsea goalkeeper.

What Football goalkeeper has scored the most goals?

Rogério Ceni of Brazil/São Paulo scored 103 goals in his career. He scored 55 free kicks (the record for a goalkeeper) and 46 penalties (a record for a goalkeeper). José Luis Chilavert is the second goalkeeper to score the most goals with 62 goals he scored a record 8 international goalkeeper goals and is the only keeper to scor a hat trick.

Which goalkeeper holds the world record for most clean sheets in a row?

The goalkeeper with the most clean sheets is Edwin Vandersar. with 13 clean sheets for Manchester United.

Which goalkeeper has saved the most penalties in the premiership?

The most penalties saved in a single season by a goalkeeper is 8 (out of 10) by Paul Cooper of Ipswich Town in 1979-80.

How do you become a soccer goalkeeper?

If you just want to be goalkeeper with out a desperate feeling in you, you most likely will never be an excellent goalkeeper. That's the truth. But if you have a feeling of desperation, try it. Most people stop and quit, and some keep going until they're professionals of the world.

Who is the most best goalkeeper in soccer?

Here for the place of the best goalkeeper in the world is strongly challenged by both Gianlughi Buffon and Petr Cech. The first is also the worlds costliest goalkeeper ever.

Most capped goalkeeper?

Dino Zoff

Who is the world's most richest goalkeeper?

iker casila

What muscles do goalkeepers use most?

Most muscles used by the goalkeeper is their eyes and hands.

What are the most expensive goalkeeper gloves on the market?

I think at the moment the Uhlsport Ergonomic Bionik X-Change - Wht/Red/Blk and the Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Ortho-Tec - Lime Green/White both pairs of gloves are about 110 british pounds.

Who has had the most caps for England?

Peter Shilton (goalkeeper) with 125.

Who is the most capped goalkeeper in the world?

Mohomad Al- Dahaya

Who is the goalkeeper with the most international clean sheets?

It was the Italian Zenga.

Who is the best Spanish goalkeeper of all time?

Most would argue that the best Spanish goalkeeper right now is Iker Casillas of Real Madrid C.F He is also the highest rated goalkeeper according to the EA Sports Performance Index.

What does cat mean in soccer?

The likely answer relates to the position of the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper with quick instincts who can pull off point blank saves could be said to reflect like a cat. The most famous example of this is Lev Yashin who was a goalkeeper for Russia and Dynamo Moscow between 1950 and 1970. He is thought by many to be the greatest goalkeeper to ever play the game and is the only goalkeeper to have won the much coveted European Footballer of the year in 1963.

Who has played the most premier league games as goalkeeper?

David James.

Name of the goalkeeper that has the most cleansheet in worldcup?

It is Walter Zega of Italy.

What goalkeeper has conceeded the most goals in the premier league?

david James

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