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Q: Who is the most educated man in the world?
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Where is the most educated people live in world?

The most educated people live in the urban and suburban areas (in and around cities) of the world.

What is the difference between an ill educated man and an ill-educated man?

"The way you have it written answers as follows: An ill educated man is a an educated man who is ill. An ill-educated man is a man who is poorly educated." The above quote is what was previously written. Answer: ill educated man - an educated man that is ill (previously correct). ill-educated man - well, ill-educated is not a real word and is mistakenly used for uneducated.

Who is the most educated person in the world?

Abraham Lincoln

Was king georege a highly educated man?

Most kings are pretty highly educated. They are home schooled by the country's best teachers.

Who is the worlds educated person?

Well,I can't list all the educated people of the world ,but in my memory,the most educated people of the world is Einstein .As we all know that he is one of the best physicist of the world,and had found many laws of physics,and his theroies has changed the world most.Without him,I can't imagine what our today's life will be.He is the wisest man who often seems stupid.Although he has been the successfull people of the world,but he always lived a simple life.

Was desmond tutu educated?

he was a very educated man

Did cleopatras people get an education?

the early Egyptians were the most educated people in the world.

Which man in the world has the most babies?

the most man in the world that has the most babies is named Carson

What is the most educated state?

the most educated state is Massachusetts

Who and where are the world's best educated people?

the most educated people are ali hassan,fathuma,asiya,arafat,aisha,asma the y are found in paris

Where are people most educated?

The most educated people, I believe, are in the eastern part of the world where technology is preceding human interaction, as it is a tool used and designed to teach and educate from a very young age.

What is the 1 most highly educated country in the world?

The number one most highly educated country in the world is most definitely Japan.