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The most capped Brazilian footballer is Cafu.

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Q: Who is the most capped Brazil player of all time?
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Who is the worlds most capped rugby player?

George Gregan is the most capped rugby player of all time

Who is the most capped Scottish footballer of all time?

Kenny Dalglish of Celtic and Liverpool won 102 caps and is the most capped Scotland player.

Which player is Chelsea FC's all-time most capped international player?

Didie drogba

Who is the most capped champions league player?

Xavi currently is the leader on the all time apps list. (as of 3.3.15)

Who is Ireland's most capped rugby player of all time?

john hayes

Most capped rugby player?

At this moment in time, Brian O'Driscoll and George Gregan are tied. But Biran O'Driscoll is set to overtake him as he is due to play this weekend

Who is the most capped French soccer player of all time?

Lilian Thuram, debut:1994; last game:2008; Caps:142; Goals:2.

Who makes the most money in the WNBA?

WNBA maximum salaries are capped according to length of time in the WNBA. In 2013, the most that I player could earn was $107,000 if they had played in the WNBA for at least 6 years.

Is Brazil sunny?

most of the time, it is.

Is Brazil the best player of the world?

Brazil is a football team but is considered to be the best football team of all time.

What is Iker Casillas best known for?

Iker Casillas is a Spanish football goalkeepers who plays for and captains both Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. He is best known for being the most capped player of all time for the Spanish national team.

How fast is Brazil's time compared to United Kingdom's time?

As impossible as it may seem, time in Brazil 'moves' at the same speed as in the UK... Now, if you are talking about Time Zones, most of Brazil is GMT -3. Stupid, STUPID question.

How many time has Brazil won world cup?

Brazil have won the world cup the most times 5 in all.

Is the black-capped chickadee threatened?

Not in the slightest! The black-capped chickadee is a very common bird in North America, ranging from nearly all of Canada to most of the United States! Since they are a year-round resident, they are seen all the time in these areas!

Who is the the best women soccer player in the world?

Marta from Brazil is the number one player right now. It depends on who you ask to tell you the best women's player of all time.

What is the name of the official dance in Brazil?

The "Samba" is the most popular and most practiced dance in Brazil, but it isn't considered "official" because there are a multitude of folkloric dances spread throughout Brazil. Immigrants brought their traditions to Brazil, including dances, so we can say that Brazil is the country of dances and musics. Considering the fact that "samba" is the most known Brazilian dance allover the world, on this sense, it could be considered an "official" dance. The dance and the rhythm has been brought to Brazil by African slaves at the time of slavery in our country. However, at that time the dance was somewhat different from the today's rhythm.

How did Brazil got its name?

According to the tradition Brazil got its name because there was a tree called brazilwood (pau-brasil in portuguese). By the time Brazil was discovered, that was the most traded plant by portuguese explorers.

What type of economy is Brazil's like?

Brazil's economy is the largest national economy in the Latin America. From research most of the time money-wise, Brazil is a very poor country. Its population is large, though.

How many time zones are there in Brazil?

There are 4 time zones in Brazil.

Who is the most famous volleyball player?

The most famous player of present time is Giba.

What is the current time in Brazil right now?

Brazil's time is GMT -2.

When it is 3 pm CET what time is in Brazil?

Subtract 4 hours from CET (Central European Time) to get the time in eastern Brazil. Subtract 5 hours for the time in Amazonia region of Brazil.

How many hours differences is Brazil is from Chicago?

The time difference between Chicago and Brazil ranges from one to four hours (Brazil is ahead), depending on the time of year and the area of Brazil.

How are decisions made in Brazil?

most of the time they go through the executive or legislative branch, depending on the decision

When it is 12 noon Pacific time what time is it in Brazil?

Brazil is from 3 to 5 hours ahead of Pacific time, so it would be either 3, 4 or 5 pm, depending on where in Brazil you are asking about.