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Michel Jordan or LeBron James is the most popular Basketball player in the US right now.

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Q: Who is the most Famous basket ball players in US?
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Who are the most famous basket ball players?

Micheal Jordan and magic Johnson are famous basketball players

What was the most famous sport during bronze age?

basket ball

Why is the basketball circle?

The invention of basketball is pretty basic. A football coach was looking for a way to keep his players in shape, so he nailed a peach basket to a tall post. He told his players to get the ball in the basket and prevent the other players from doing so. It just made most sense to make the ball circular so that it could be shot into the basket.

What sport is Cornell famous for?

Basket Ball and Hockey Game among the most popular game in cornell

What are the two most famous sports in America?

basket ball and soccer. :D American football is the most popular.

How popular was Michael Jordan in basket ball?

Michael Jordan was possibly the most famous basketball player in the world.

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

How did Ernie Ball become famous?

Ernie Ball was an American musician and inventor. Actually he developed several music-related products - most of them in the area of guitar playing. The most-famous product he developed is for sure the "Ernie Ball Slinky" strings - still used by some of the most famous guitar players.

What is the most important sport?

basket ball of course

Which is the most popular indoor game in us?

basket ball

Who is the most famous basket baller and why?

Sharmarke Ibrahim.

Does the type of ball affect how well you shoot a basket?

In most cases, the type of ball does affect how well you shoot the basket. The grip must be just right for the person, along with the inflation of the ball, and several other characteristics, which affect how well you shoot a basket. Sometimes, it isn't the ball, but the way you shoot the ball. No

What sport is the most looked at by colleges?

football and basket ball i think

What do parameter players mean in basketball?

Perimeter players have to be the most versatile players on the court. They should have the ability to get to the basket and hit the open shot. They are secondary ball handlers and primary rebounders. They play outside, they play inside, and must have the ability to defense in both areas as well.

Who Are The Most Famous WNBA Players?

whos the most famous wnba

What are some of the most popular important and interesting job in Florida?

basket ball

What were some famous flute players?

Liberace and Elton John are the most famous skin flute players

Who are the most famous netball players?

temepara george is famous

Who are the most famous Uruguayan soccer players of 2010?

Two most famous players from Uruguay today are dingo Forlan and Luis Suarez.

Which ball sports game has the most players?


Which sports use agility?

Most of the sports. Such as horse riding, swimming basket ball.

Who are the most famous flute playerS?

Some famous flute players include James Galway and Jeanne Bastresser. Alexa Still and Viviana Guzman are other famous flute players.

Who is the most famous string bass players?


Who are the Toronto Blue Jays most famous players?

Well famous is a rather broad term. In general most of the Toronto Bluejays famous players were among the roster during the 92 and 93 season. Their most famous players are arguably Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar. However other famous players that could be included in that group are Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay and David Wells.

Who is famous from Honduras?

Soccer players, for the most part, are very famous in Honduras. The most notable players are: Carlos Pavon, Carlo Costly and David Suazo.