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Q: Who is the manufacturer of the Wavemaster XXL?
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Does the Century Wavemaster come in different sizes?

The Century Wavemaster training bag comes in only one size. It is the XXL size and it weighs at or around to 270 pounds. You are able to fill the bag with either water or sand.

How can you repair a hole in your Wavemaster XXL base?

Most plastic 'glues' will melt the plastic enough to fill in a small hole. You may want to supplement it with another piece of plastic.

What is meant by the phrase XXL SIX?

From research it appears that SIX is a clothing, specifically swim wear manufacturer/designer and that XXL refers to items of clothing in the size extra, extra large. It is also possible that the phrase XXL SIX refers to an adult website site.

Can you use the Century Wavemaster XXL outdoors?

I don't see why not. There are two or three things to consider: * Sunlight is poison to most plastics and foams. * Mold and mildew are likely to be more of an issue. * An abrasive placement surface and dirt may degrade the base faster than an indoor area would.

Where can one purchase a Century Wavemaster online?

One can purchase a Century Wavemaster from Dick's Sporting Goods store. They carry the best prices around. Their prices are also the lowest and best around.

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What is the frequency of xxl channel

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Well first of all XXL is 50. Not XXL is the Roman Numeral for 50. XXL in clothing stands for:eXtra eXtra Large. Sizing in America.

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