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Q: Who is the manager of aldershot town fc?
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Where does aldershot play at?

Aldershot Town play at the Recreation Ground in Aldershot

When was Aldershot Town F.C. created?

Aldershot Town F.C. was created in 1992.

Who is the Manager of the First Team of Frome Town FC?

Andy Crabtree.

What is the Nick name of aldershot fc?

the shots!!!!!!!!!!! it always has been, always will be!!!

Where can one find information about the English Football club Aldershot FC?

The Aldershot Football Club maintains a Facebook page, and is featured on several football UK sites. The site Football UK features news and statistics for the Aldershot FC, and its wikipedia page is quite extensive.

What does Aldershot it mean in the poem Gunga Din?

Aldershot is a town in Hampshire in the south of England. It is a military establishment where training exercises are carried out. 'To Aldershot it' means to carry it out as a training exercise.

Where is Aldershot located at?

Aldershot is an English town located in the county of Hampshire. It is approximately 60km southwest of London and has a population of just under 34,000.

What was score when hitchin town fc played brackley town 20078 season?

3-2 to hitchin town fc yay 3-2 to hitchin town fc yay

Who is the manager of Celtic fc?

Currently the manager is Tony Mowbary.

Name of town in Hampshire which was site of military camp mid 19th century?


Who is the manager of rochdale fc?


Who is the new manager of Yeovil Town FC?

The new manager of Yeovil Town FC is their old captain and centre-back Terry Skiverton, whilst his Assistant Manager is former Yeovil left-back Nathan Jones