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Q: Who is the manager of Real Murcia?
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When was Real Murcia created?

Real Murcia was created in 1908.

When was Real Murcia Imperial created?

Real Murcia Imperial was created in 1924.

How do you get tickets for a Real Murcia football game?

you go to the team website

Who is the tenant of Nueva Condomina?

Real Murcia are the tenants of Nueva Condomina as of 2014.

Who is the tenant of Khimik Stadium?

The current tenants of the Khimik Stadium are the Real Murcia.

When was Murcia created?

Murcia was created in 825.

When was Fran Murcia born?

Fran Murcia was born on November 14, 1970, in Murcia, Spain.

Is Murcia a mountain in Spain?

Murcia is a region of Spain.

What is the birth name of Fran Murcia?

Fran Murcia's birth name is Francisco Javier Murcia Snchez.

When was Region of Murcia created?

Region of Murcia was created in 1982.

What is the population of Region of Murcia?

Region of Murcia's population is 1,424,063.

When did Taifa of Murcia end?

Taifa of Murcia ended in 1266.

When was Taifa of Murcia created?

Taifa of Murcia was created in 1031.

When was University of Murcia created?

University of Murcia was created in 1915.

When was Vuelta a Murcia created?

Vuelta a Murcia was created in 1981.

What is the area of Murcia?

The area of Murcia is 881.86 square kilometers.

When was CB Murcia created?

CB Murcia was created in 1985.

How tall is Fran Murcia?

Fran Murcia is 6' 7".

What has the author Aladino Murcia written?

Aladino Murcia has written: 'Sala \\'

When was Marta Nieto born?

Marta Nieto was born on January 31, 1982, in Murcia, Murcia, Regin de Murcia, Spain.

How many miles from Murcia to Valencia Spain?

There are 161 miles from Murcia to Valencia.

How many miles from Malaga to Murcia Spain?

It is 249 miles from Malaga to Murcia.

What languages are spoken in Murcia Spain?

People in Murcia, Spain, speak Spanish.

How many miles is it from Bilbao to Murcia in Spain?

There are 504 miles from Bilbao to Murcia.

When did Rock Racing-Murcia end?

Rock Racing-Murcia ended in 2009.