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His name is David Spearing whom I believe lives in Abu Dhabi.

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Q: Who is the man in the black hat in the players' team box at Wimbledon?
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Who is wearing the black stetson in the players box at Wimbledon?

That is David Spearing who is the honorary steward for the Players' Box.

Who is the man in the stetson in the players box at Wimbledon?

His name is David Spearing and he is the honorary players' box steward

Who is the elderly gentleman wearing a black Stetson hat in the players box at Wimbledon everyday?

This Gentleman is an 'Honorary Steward'. It is his task to ensure that only those individuals entitled to be in the Players box actually gain entry.

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Where is the Wimbledon Community Museum in Wimbledon North Dakota located?

The address of the Wimbledon Community Museum is: Po Box 223, Wimbledon, ND 58492

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No, the players can stay in the box but the ball can't touch them until it has touched a player on either team. If they do it is a redo.

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If all players are penalty box in hockey they would have to defeat. This would mean they would lose.

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