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Q: Who is the lowest paid player in Manchester United?
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Who is the lowest paid footballer at Manchester United?

Darren Flecther and Park Ji Sung

Who is the highest paid player in man utd?

Manchester United highest paid player is Wayne Rooney.

Who is the highest paid player for Manchester United?

Currently, the highest paid player for Manchester United is Ronaldo, who is also estimated to be the world's best paid soccer player.Edit: Ronaldo has now left the club, and it is now Wayne Rooney.

Who is the highest paid player in Manchester united now?

Wayne Rooney.

How much does a player from Manchester united get paid?

10,000 per week

Who highest paid player in Scotland?

Manchester United's Darren Fletcher; £80,000 a week

Who is the highest paid player in the Premiership league 2008?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

How much does player from Manchester united get paid?

he gets about 7 million euros a week

Who is the current highest paid player in epl?

The highest player in the E.p.L is Wayne Rooney, who plays for Manchester United, he is paid weekly salary of 250,000 pounds.

In man united who is highest paid player?

At Manchester United the highest paiid players are Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs.

Who is the highest weekly paid player in Europe?

its is Cristiano ronlado who plays for Manchester united and portgual!!!!

Who was the highest paid player in the 2010 - 2011 season of the Barclays Premier League?

The league's highest paid player is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, on £250,000 a week.

Who is the highest paid player in english football?

Wayne Rooney. He signed with Manchester United from Everton for £25.6 million and gets paid £190,000 a week.

How much is Manchester United youth player Paul Pogba paid?

Between £15,000 and £25,000. In 2009, he was on £15,000.

When did Wayne Rooney sign for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney was signed by Manchester United from Everton in August 2004. At the time, the fee of £25.6 million was the highest transfer fee paid for a player under the age of 20.

Who is the lowest paid athlete in the world?

DeAndre Jordan is the lowest paid NBA player

Who is the most paid player in the premier league?

The player to play the most E.P.L. matches is Ryan Giggs. for Manchester United. He has played over 750 games for his club.

What is the highest transferee fees paid to soccer player?

The world's most expensive player is Cristiano Ronaldo, he cost Real Madrid £80 million from Manchester United in 2009.

Did Javier Hernandez go to Manchester United?

Yes Chicharito Javier Hernandez from Chivas did go to Manchester United but he will come back on June 1 2010. Manchester United paid 9 million for him.

What is the highest transfer fee currently paid in soccer?

The highest paid soccer fee for a single player is, 80 Million Pounds by Real Madrid to Manchester United for Christiano Ronaldo in 2009

Who is the lowest paid Major League Baseball player?

The minimum salary in the major league baseball is $300,000 PY. there is no lowest paid player.

Why did leeds utd sell Eric cantona?

Leeds United sold Eric Cantona to Manchester United as they were need of money and Manchester paid them well.

Highest paid footballer in Manchester United in 2010?


Who is the lowest paid player in arsenal?

The lowest paid player at arsenal was the french footballer Michael Silvestre hashe joined for 75,000 pounds he was paid 3000 pounds a week at the most.

Who is the hightest paid soccer player?

I believe the highest played soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo (but that can change soon) of Real Madrid. The deal that he signed on for with Madrid from Manchester United made a new record.