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Tom Landry is the longest tenured coach in NFL history as he coached the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 until 1988.

Jeff Fisher is the longest tenured head coach still in the league. He has coached the Tennessee Titans since 1994.

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Q: Who is the longest coaching coach in NFL history?
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Related questions

Who holds the record for consecutive years coaching the same team in the NFL?

The longest tenured coach in NFL history was Tom Landry, who coached the Cowboys from 1960 to 1988 for a total of 29 years. The second longest tenured coach was Don Shula who coached the Dolphins from 1970 to 1995 for a total of 26 years.

Which coach has been coaching the longest in the NFL?

The coach that has been coaching the longest in the NFL is Jeff Fisher who coaches the Tennessee Titans:).Kaaay?

Who have the Longest coaching tenure in history of NFL?

Tom Landry - Dallas 29 Seasons

Who is the best NFL coach in NFL history?

Tom Landry. Hands down.Lead cowboys to all five of their super bowl wins and had 1 losing season in 30 years of coaching for the cowboys.

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins?

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins

Has an NFL head coach ever been fired before coaching a game?


How do you get a nfl quality control coaching job?

Know someone with in the organization of which you want to coach.

Who is the longest tenured coach in nfl history?

George Halas. Halas spent 40 seasons as head coach of the Chicago Bears franchise (1920-1929, 1933-1942, 1946-1955, 1958-1967).

What NFL coach took 4 teams to playoffs?

Wade Phillips, currently the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, has lead 4 teams to the NFL playoffs in his 31-year coaching career.

Youngest head coach in NFL history?

Lane Kiffin was the youngest head coach in NFL history. He was only 31 years old when he landed the coach position.

What coach has been with his team longest in the NFL?

Jeff fisher

Who has the longest tenure of any NFL coach?

George Halas.

What sport is Bill Parcells famous for coaching?

Bill Parcells was an NFL head coach (American football).

What team is Marty Shottenheimer coaching now?

Marty Schottenheimer did not coach an NFL team in the 2007 season.

Who is Jeff fisher?

Coach of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL, he is a Taft high school alumni, and has the longest tenure of any active head coach in the nfl.

Which NFL coach has coached the longest?

Presently Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans has coached the longest, from November 1994.

Oldest coach in NFL history?


Who is the second longest tenured coach in the nfl?

tom landry

Was Chuck Noll the longest tenured Head Coach in NFL history with 22 seasons?

No, I believe it was Don Shula with the Dolphins.Through the 2008 season, Noll's 23 seasons and 342 games rank him 7th on the all time list. The longest tenured coach in NFL history is George Halas with 40 seasons (1920-1929, 1933-1942, 1946-1955, and 1958-1967). Shula's 33 seasons rank 2nd, tied with Curly Lambeau.

Who had the second longest drive in nfl history?


What is the longest fourth down in NFL history?

4 & 52

Longest pass in NFL history?

99 yards. it has happened 11 times in NFL history.

Who is the worst coach in NFL history?

paul johnson

Who was the head coach of the Dolphins from 1970-1995?

Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history.

What NFL teams currently have black coaches?

Currently 6 teams (Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago and San Francisco) are the only NFL teams with Black head coaches. Art Shell was the first black head coach in the NFL, coaching for Oakland in two separate tenures. In the history of the NFL, only 10 Black head coaches have been hired.