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As of 2014, the poorest owner in the National Football League was Dan Rooney. He is part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and has a net worth of about $150 million.

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Q: Who is the least wealthy owner in the NFL?
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Who is the least wealthy owner in MLB?

The group that owns the Washington Nationals.

How much money is each NFL owner is worth?

NFL team owners are ridiculously wealthy. Each team is worth around $500,000,000+, so NFL team owners are probably worth around $400,000,000,000.

Can NFL owner coach team?

Can a nfl owner coach his own

Does Will Smith own a NFL team?

The actor Will Smith is not an owner or minority owner of an NFL Franchise. While he is not an NFL owner, Will Smith is a minority owner of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers.

Was Robert E. Lee a wealthy slave owner?

Yes, Lee was a wealthy man. He had slaves, almost every white man that time had at least one slave. Even wealthy house babies had a slave that bathed them everyday.

When was Mike Brown - NFL owner - born?

Mike Brown - NFL owner - was born in 1937.

How did Vanderbilt become wealthy?

He was the owner of a railroad and that was in demand.

Who the owner of the NFL?

There isnt an owner of the NFL but there is a commissioner, which is the highest person in the NFL. The commissioner of the NFL is Roger Goodell.

When did Dan Reeves - NFL owner - die?

Dan Reeves - NFL owner - died on 1971-04-15.

When was Dan Reeves - NFL owner - born?

Dan Reeves - NFL owner - was born on 1912-06-30.

Can minority owner be with two teams in NFL?


Who is the best owner in the NFL?

jerry Jones

Who does the nfl go to when they are adding a rule?

To the owner

Who is wealthiest NFL owner?

Jerry Jones

Which NFL owner is the richest?

Paul Allen

What is the richest owner in the NFL?

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seattle Seahawks, is the richest NFL owner. He has a net worth of approximately 15 billion dollars.

What is the average salary of an NFL owner?

An NFL owner has the average salary of 16.3 million- They make an average of about 1 mil per game!

Who is the richest NFL owner?

Paul Allen owner of Seattle Seahawks cofounder of Microsoft

Who is the youngest NFL owner?

Jed York of the San Francisco 49ers is the youngest NFL owner by far. The nephew of former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo is barely 30 years old.

What nfl team had the owner for longest?

Chicago Bears

Which NFL team owner is the richest?

Paul Allen

Who is the longest tenured owner in NFL?

Lamar hunt

What NFL owner has the most money?

Bud Adams

Which nfl team has the least Super Bowl rings?

Which nfl team has the least super bowl rings?

George Washington job before government work?

Wealthy plantation owner