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Difficult to gave a single name as each player has in their own right a key role. Most if opinion is asked for will refer to James Hook as a majorly play maker

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Q: Who is the key player of wales rugby team?
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Key players in french football team?

there are 11 [player's in the french team

Are you allowed to replace a person that has been red carded in a rugby union match?

If the red carded player is a key role. That is either side prop or hooker then the team must forfeit another player (normally a back row) who will leave the field and be replaced by a player who normally plays in the red carded position.

How many seconds is a player allowed to stand in their teams key for?

Three seconds and if they get called for the "3 in the key" the possession goes to the other team.

Who is the key player of the Italian Football team?

They are Pirlo, Buffon, Grasso, Del Piero,Rossi.

Who is France's key team player?

They were Franck Ribery, sydney Govou, Loris, William Gallas.Henry.

What is the key player of England Football team?

Wayne Rooney.Player of the year and the main goal threat

What are your Key competencies in job?

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Who is the iconic player of the Chennai Super Kings team?

Undoubtedly, it is MS Dhoni ( captain, wicketkeeper and key batsman)

What does 3 seconds in the key mean for basketball?

If an offensive player is inside the key for more than 3 seconds, his team loses the ball. The purpose of the rule is to keep a big man from standing in the key waiting for a pass.

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India:G.GambhirS.Tendulkar------------------Key PlayerR.DravidS.RainaMs.DhoniA.NayarY.PathanH.SinghP.Kumar----------------------- Key PlayerI.Sharma-----------------------Key playerRP.Singh/A.Nehra-----Rp.Singh is preferable

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The 3-Second Rule refers to?

if one of the team with the ball player is inside the ring there attackings key for longer than 3 secs from when the ball croses half way and the player inside the key dosent have the ball or the ball has been shot its a turnover.

How many seconds in basketball are you allowed in the key?

While one team has possession of the ball, a player is called for an infraction if he/she is in the key for 3 seconds. If there is a loose ball or a rebound, players may be in the key for as long as it takes for the ball to be rebounded or possessed.

Who wears the number 9 and 10 in soccer?

Number 9 is wore by the Striker, the player whose job is to score goals. And 10 is for the play maker or the creative player, and usually is carried by the key player in the team.

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Where can one find information on rugby sevens?

Rugby Sevens information can be found on the official Rugby Football Union website. This website provides information on the rules and the key skills required to play the game. To find out about the World Cup statistics one would go to the Official Rugby World Cup site.

Why do rugby players need strength?

The game is a full contact game. It requires players to pull, push and, jump, run and of course tackle. Physical strength is key as each player must use it compete with their opposite number

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What does a wing player do in rugby?

supportive defense for the full back joins mid Field to make up an extra centre because of their speed is the key play to receive a pass or chase a kick ahead for scoring opportunities

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