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In 2013, Jeff Gordon's jackman is Bailey Walker.

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Q: Who is the jackman for Jeff Gordon's Nascar team?
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What NASCAR team is Chase Rice the jackman for?

Currently, Chase Rice is not a jackman for any Nascar team.

What Nascar pit crew does Chase Rice belong to?

Currently, Chase Rice does not belong to any Nascar team. He was Jimmie Johnson's jackman in 2009.

Is there a NASCAR team that supports epilepsy?

Yes, Jeff Gordon & Dale Jr. do

Is Chase Rice the jackman for Jimmie Johnson?

No. Kenneth Purcell was the jackman for Jimmie Johnson's #48 car in 2010. Jeff Cook was the jackman for the final two races after the #24 and #48 team swapped pit crews.Chase Rice was Jimmie Johnson's jackman in 2009.

Who has Jeff Gordon's owners been in the Nascar Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon has only raced for one team in his Nascar Cup Series career. That's been Hendrick Motorsports, owned by Rick Hendrick.

Who is Jeff Gordon?

Jeff Gordon (born August 4, 1971) is a NASCAR driver in the number 24 Chevrolet SS. Jeff Gordon is a 4 time Winston Cup Champion and a 3 time Daytona 500 Champion. Jeff won the inaugural Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and he currently has 87 Cup Series victories under his belt, more than any other active NASCAR driver. Jeff Gordons' career winnings total to over $134,000,000! His current sponsors are Drive to End Hunger, Axalta Coating Systems and Pepsi. Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick are the co-owners of the #48 Lowe's sponsored team, driven by Jimmie Johnson, who won the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Nascar Cup Series championships. Gordon also has an equity stake in his own # 24 team.

What NHL team does Tim Jackman play for?

Tim Jackman plays for the Anaheim Ducks.

What NHL team does Barret Jackman play for?

Barret Jackman plays for the St. Louis Blues.

How many spotters are on a NASCAR team?

Each Nascar team has one spotter.

Who is the best car driver in the game Nascar 06 Total Team Control?

Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart

What NASCAR team does Chase Rice work for?

Chase Rice is currently not working for any Nascar team.

Which Hendrick Motorsports race team does Chase Rice work for?

Chase Rice was not the former jackman for Jimmie Johnson. T.J. Ford is the current jackman for the #48 Lowe's team.

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