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sachin tendulkar is the highest scorer in ICC cricket world cup

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Ricky Ponting

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Dilshan - 500 runs

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Q: Who is the highest scorer in the 2011 icc world cup cricket?
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Who is the highest run scorer in the Test Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar of India is the highest run scorer in Test Cricket with 15,000 runs as on 8th November, 2011.

Indevidual highest scorer in cricket world cup final of Indian cricket?

Virendra sehwag 238 runs in 2011 world cup against Australia.

Who is the highest run scorer in 2011?

sachen tendukar.....

Highest goal scorer in champion league 2011?

The highest goal scorer in the Champions League 2011 was Lionel Messi. He won the Golden Boot for 12 goals.

What is the highest team score in cricket world cup?

The highest score achieved by a single team at the Cricket World Cup was 413-5, achieved by India against Bermuda at the 2007 competition.

What is highest score OF SEHWAG in odi in cricket?

he made 175 versus Bangladesh in World Cup 2011

Who scored most run in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 for Bangladesh team?

Imrul Kayes was the top scorer of Bangladesh with 188 runs in 6 matches.

Which Team hit the most sixes in the Cricket World Cup 2011?

New Zealand hit the highest number of sixes; 36, in the ICC World Cup 2011.

Which player has scored the highest runs in any world cup odi?

Sachin Tendulkar has 2,278 runs in his credit, being the highest scorer upto the last World Cup of 2011.

Who is the leading run scorer in One Day International cricket?

As of January 2011, the highest run-scorer in One Day International cricket is Sachin Tendulkar, with 17605 runs from 432 One Day International innings. At the time of writing, he has played exactly the same number of One Day Internationals as the player in second place, Sanath Jayasuriya, who has scored 13428 ODI runs.

Highest scorer in ma English at sargodha university?

307 ov part 1 in 2011

Who is the 2011 cricket World Cup winner?

India won the 2011 cricket world cup