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  1. QB Peyton Manning, Colts $30.8 million total earnings (9th among US athletes, $15.8m salary/$15m endorsements)
  2. QB Matthew Stafford, Lions $27.6m (11, $26.9m/$0.7m)
  3. QB Eli Manning, Giants $26.5m (T13, $19.5m/$7m)
  4. QB Philip Rivers, Chargers $25.8m (17, $25.6m/$0.2m)
  5. LB Terrell Suggs, Ravens $24.9m (19, $24.9m/$0.0m)
  6. DL Albert Haynesworth, Redskins $24.6m (20, $24.6m/$0.1m)
  7. QB Brett Favre, Vikings $24m (21, $17m/$7m)
  8. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Raiders $21.5m (28, $21.4m/$0.0m)
  9. RT Jason Smith, Rams $20.6m (33, $20.5m/$0.0m)
  10. DE Julius Peppers, Bears $20m (36, $20m/$0.0m)
  11. NT Vince Wilfork, Patriots $18.9m (38, $18.9m/$0.0m)
  12. CB DeAngelo Hall, Redskins $18.5m (40, $18.5m/$0.0m)
  13. DE Tyson Jackson, Chiefs $18.1m (42, $18.1m/$0.0m)
  14. QB Mark Sanchez, Jets $16.9m (48, $16.4m/$0.5m)
  15. LB DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys $16.8m (49, $16m/$0.8m)

These are the highest paid players int eh NFL six or seven of them are quarterbacks.

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Peyton Manning

Tony Romo

Drew Brees

Matt Ryan

Ben Rothlisberger

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Q: Who is the highest paying quarterback in the nfl?
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What position in the NFL is first highest paid?

The quarterback

Who's the highest paid quarterback in the NFL?

Ben Roethlisberger

What NFL quarterback has the highest winning percentage at home in history?

John Elway

Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers rank in NFL salaries?

They are the highest paying team in the NFL, having the highest median salary in the league.

What San Francisco Quarterback has the highest passer rating in NFL History?

Steve Young

Who has the highest quarterback rating in NFL for 2010 season?

Tom Brady with a rating of 111.

Which player currently has the highest percent of touchdown passes in the nfl?

Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles has the highest TD percentage ratio in the NFL thru week 15 of the 2013 season. His percentage is 8.6.

Which NFL quarterback has had the highest jersey nunber and what was it?

The highest number a quarterback can wear in the NFL is 19, which was worn by Johnny Unitas, who played for the Baltimore Colts.-----The highest jersey number that I can remember was #60 worn by Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns of the All-American Football Conference. John Hadl of the Chargers and Rams wore #21 during his career in the 60s and 70s. But since the merger in 1970, the highest number a quarterback on the roster can wear is 19.

When was NFL Quarterback Club created?

NFL Quarterback Club was created in 1994.

Second highest player on NFL teams?

that is relative since noone is the highest player... is it quarterback??? no is it middle linebacker... no depends on defensive gameplan... this is a weird question

When did NFL Quarterback Club happen?

National Football League Quarterback Challenge ended in 2007.

What quarterback currently has the highest jersey number?

The National Football League has a strict numbering policy, so quarterbacks can only wear numbers between 1 and 19. Among current NFL starters, the highest number worn by a quarterback is Peyton Manning's No. 18.