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Manchester United highest paid player is Wayne Rooney.

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Q: Who is the highest paid player in man utd?
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How much does Rio Ferdinand earn in a week?

£125000, highest paid player at Man Utd.

Name the last ex-man utd player to score against man utd?


Which player scored for Liverpool against man utd and scored for man utd against Liverpool?

Paul Ince

Who has the best player?

Man Utd and Barcelona

Which player has scored the most goals against man utd?

Ruud Van Nisterooy scored the most goals for man utd

Which player scored for man utd against Liverpool and for Liverpool against man utd?


Who is highest goalscorer for man utd?

Sir Bobby Charlton is the all time the highest goalscorer for Manchester United.

Who was the last player to sign for man city from man utd?

carlos teves

Who was man utd first foreign player?

it was Niki jovanovic

Who was the First Chinese player for man utd?

Dong Fangzhou

Who is current man utd richest player?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the worst footy player in the world?

its Anderson of man utd

Who is the worst football player in the prem?

Anderson of man utd

What religion is man utd player hernandez?

Chathoilic 100%

What was Man utd highest score in a game?

9 - 0 against sheffield wednesday.

Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

Which club is bigger man city or man utd?

Man utd

What player has played for man utd man city everton and liverpool?

Peter Beardsley

What were man utd called before they were man utd?

Man Utd was called Newton Health Before Manchester united

What team knocked man utd out of the league cup?

the clubs that utd got beat in the league cup are chelsea 1-0 man utd liverpool 3-1 man utd man utd 0-1 everton man city 1-1 man utd extra time 2-1 to city arsenal 1-0 man utd newcatsle utd 2-0 man utd man utd 1-4 arsenal semi final man utd lose 4-2 on arrigate chelsea 2-1 man utd west ham 4-0 man utd

Are the happy mondays fans of man utd or man city?

Man utd

Who was the first Chinese player to join Man Utd?

Dong Fangzhou

What is Man utd's second most valuable player?

Wayne Rooney

Which player transfered from Preston to man utd to real Madrid?


Who was the Last Liverpool player to join man utd?

Michael Owen

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