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sidney crosbby

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Q: Who is the highest paid hockey player in the NHL?
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What is the highest paying job in Canada?

NHL hockey player

How much do NHL hockey player get paid a year?

Each NHL hockey player gets paid a different amount depending on their contract. In 2014, the salaries range from 9 million to 12 million for top players.

If an NHL hockey player is injured how does he get paid?

The trainers or coach will give him his salary

Who is the highest paid NHL player?

Probably Alexander Ovechican

Who's the highest paid NHL player?

Probably Alexander Ovechican

Lowest paid hockey player?

there is a minimum salary for nhl players, this changes every year

How much does NHL hockey pay?

Player paid least amount of money (475,000) Player paid most amount of money (10,000,000) plus bonuses

Who is the second highest paid goalie in the NHL?

Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks is the 2nd Highest paid goalie in the NHL.

Can you get paid while playing hockey?

if your in the nhl

Was there an NHL hockey player with initials NHL?


Who is the highest paid Goalie in the NHL?

Nikolai Khabibulin of the Chicago Blackhawks is the NHL's highest-paid goalie

How much do female hockey players get paid?

There are no females in the nhl

Is Fernando pisani an NHL hockey player?


What is the average salary of an NHL football player?

There is no such thing as an NHL football player. The NHL is a HOCKEY league.

What are hockey referees paid?

NHL Referees make $127,000 a season

Do NHL hockey players get paid to play for team Canada?


What is an NHL rookie hockey player do?

play hockey for what ever team that drafted them

Who is the greatest nhl hockey player ever?


Who is the Richest nhl hockey player?


Who is the highest paid player in the NHL?

Vincent Lecavalier, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, has a contract worth nearly $10,000,000 per season.

Who are the current shortest NHL hockey players?

the sortest player i the nhl is Martin St.Louis

Who is the highest scoring NHL hockey player in 2009?

Alex Oveckin on the Washinton Capitals Second was Zack Parise on the New Jersey Devils

How mcuh does it cost to get into Hockey College?

There is no hockey college. U just start practicing and as u get better u move up to higher leauges and u get paid in the nhl So there really is no hockey college but it cost me to buy all the gear you need about 2000$ to 5000$ if its all new and if its highest protections. Recommend that for you cause if you have a weak protection you can die from that. A hockey puck when shot by and NHL player is shot so hard it just like rips your head off and your dead but dont worry its very rare. Questions go to my messageboard.

Which NHL hockey player will be the first to wear warrior hockey helmet?

Zdeno Chara

Who is Yvan Cournoyer?

A former hockey player in the NHL.