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In 2009 Tim Duncan is the highest paid Spurs player with a income of $22,183,220

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Q: Who is the highest paid San Antonio Spurs basketball player?
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Who was the highest paid player in basketball in1995?

David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs makes a big 5.74 million bucks!

Who was the highest salary basketball player in 95?

David Robinson, of the San Antonio Spurs had collected $7.5 million dollars ( which today is considered low for basketball players, but back then that was a fortune).

What team does the basketball player Tony Parker play for?

Professional basketball player Tony Parker plays for the San Antonio Spurs, which is a member of the National Basketball Association. Parker is originally from France.

Who is kawhii leanord?

Kawhii Leanord n.(QUI LENORD) is a NBA Basketball player For the San Antonio Spurs

What number does basketball player Tim duncan wear?

#21 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs

What city is home to the Spurs basketball team?

San Antonio

Who has the highest rating in 2011?

the San Antonio Spurs

Who is George gervin?

He was a Hall of Fame basketball player who played the majority of his career with the San Antonio Spurs. He also went by the nickname "Iceman".

How did the San Antonio spurs beacome the San Antonio spurs?

The Spurs have played basketball in San Antonio since 1836, when Davy Crockett (the team's founder) invented the slam dunk a few hours before being killed at the Battle of the Alamo. They were named the Spurs because the original team wore spurs and cowboy boots instead of basketball shoes.Interesting fact: The San Antonio Spurs are the only team in the NBA that has a werewolf, a vampire AND a zombie pirate on the roster.The San Antonio Spurs also capitalize the 'S' in Spurs because it's part of a proper noun.

What are Nick Jonas favorite basketball teams?

San Antonio Spurs

What is Tony Romo's favorite basketball team?

San Antonio spurs

What is Nick Jonas's favorite basketball team?

San Antonio Spurs

What is Selena Gomez favorite basketball team?

The San Antonio Spurs

What basketball team does Selena Gomez like?

The San Antonio Spurs

Who was the highest paid basketball player in 1995?

David Robinson of San Antonio Spurs makes 5.74 million dollars. A minority opinion: * Michael Jordan, and it is supposedly said that he made 25-30 million dollars with his contract.

What is the san antonio Texas basketball team called?

(San Antonio Spurs.)is wrong they are the road runners.they are the college basketball team.they wear orange and blue

Which NBA player had the nickname Whopper?

Bill Paultz former basketball player for the New York Nets,San Antonio Spurs,Housten Rockets,Atlanta Hawks and the Utah Jazz.

Who is the most famous Olympics basketball player from France?

The most famous Olympics and NBA player to come out of France these days is Tony Parker, who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs.

What basketball team won NBA championship in 1999?

The San Antonio Spurs.

Who won the 2009 NBA basketball champion?

San Antonio Spurs Texas

What sports does Selena Gomez play?

Selena likes to play basketball. Her favorite basketball team is the San Antonio Spurs.

Who is Tim Duncan?

Tim Duncan (born April 25, 1976 in Christiansted, US Virgin Islands) is an American basketball player who, as of April 2014, plays for the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association.

What San Antonio Spurs star leads the argentinian basketball team?

Manu Ginobili

What is Selena gomas favorite sport?

Basketball, and her favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs.

What are the basketball players who played for both San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics?