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i would have to guess Peyton Manning

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Q: Who is the highest paid Indianapolis Colt?
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Is the Indianapolis colts mascot a colt?

Yes, he is a colt and his name is Blue. he is the best mascot ever! GO INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!

Who is the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL?

Randy Moss ---- According to a story in USA Today, for the 2006 season Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts had the highest salary for a wide receiver. He made $15,100,440 for the 2006 season. Larry Fitzgeral, Last season (08-09) was paid $17,103,480. He was the highest paid Wide Reciever in the league this season, AND THE BEST.

Who is the highest paid NFL defensive player?

For the 2009 season, Kelvin Hayden, Cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts, earned $17,480,000.

What position does Colt Anderson play?

Colt Anderson plays Safety for the Indianapolis Colts.

What NFL team does Colt Anderson play for?

Colt Anderson plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

Who has the highest salary on the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning has the highest salary on the Indianapolis Colts

What Indianapolis colt's player's father played for the Saints?

Payton Manning

Is a colt a young cow or a young horse?

A colt is a young horse Think of how the Indianapolis colts logo is a HORSE hoof

What does the colt represent?

The Colt represents a fast animal. The Indianapolis Colts is a football team for the National Football League in the United States.

Which Indianapolis colt suffered a season endind knee injury in 2001?


Who is in charge of the Indianapolis Colt's Strength and Conditioning?

Jon Torine is the Indianapolis Colts Strength and Conditioning coach. He has been witht he Colts for 12 seasons.

What Indianapolis Colt was named the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1999?

Edgerrin James