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Nigel Sylvester

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Q: Who is the highest paid BMX racer?
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When was Alan Foster - BMX racer - born?

Alan Foster - BMX racer - was born on 1970-01-18.

Is Sarah Walker a bmx racer?


Who is the highest paid snowcross racer?

Liam Franklin he gets 1,000,000 dollars per jump

What are the release dates for Made - 2002 BMX Racer Savannah 11-16?

Made - 2002 BMX Racer Savannah 11-16 was released on: USA: 18 October 2010

Where can one find the BMX Museum?

One could find the BMX Museum in Portland. The BMX Museum is considered an offbeat museum. This museum features former BMX racer Gary Sansom. One can also read more about the museum through their forums.

How much does a supervisor at racer classic car wash get paid?

A supervisor at Racer Classic Car Wash gets paid about $ 15 on a single day.A supervisor at Racer Classic Car earns about $ 15 in a day.

Who is the fastest biker in the world?

The fastest biker in the world is a bmx racer named Corben Sharrah of AZ he races on the USA Olympic bmx team he will smoke anyone hands down on dirt or on the road

What sport has the highest injury registered in a year?

MMA, football, bmx

What is the Average Salary for drag racer?

In drag racing, Larry Dixon is the highest paid individual. During the NHRA top fuel he earned a total of $1,371,000.

What is the salary for the bmx x games?

The contestants competing in the BMX X Games are not paid a salary. They compete to win prizes and prize money.

Who invented Fit Bike Co?

BMX racer Robbie Morales teamed up with S&M's Chris Moeller to form FitBikeCo in 2000.

Who is the highest paid motocross racer?

I've not seen any figures on Stewart's new contract for 09 but as of now it is still Ricky Carmichael for the 2006 season. Ricky is the highest paid rider in the sport with an estimated annual income of between $8 - 10 million US.