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Q: Who is the highest jumper in the world from the woman?
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Is a horse a highest jumper in the world?

In comparison to its size, the horse is not the highest jumper in the world. Proportionally, it is the grasshopper.

Which animal is the highest jumper?

The highest jumper between animals could be either the kangaroo or the springbox.

Which mammal is the highest jumper?

I think so Puma is the highest jumper mammel not kangaroo or cat

What is the longest jumper in the world?

I think the longest jumper in the world is mike Powell

What is the highest number a player has worn on an AFL jumper?

Who would wanna know that

Are kangaroos the second best jumper in the world?

It is possible that, of the world's mammals, the kangaroo may be the 2nd best jumper. The best jumper in the world is the puma, which can jump 4.6m, or five times its own height.

What country has the highest birthrate?

According to the World CIA Fact book, Niger has the highest birthrate at 7.52 children per woman.

Which Indian sports woman got the highest number of world medals?

field hockey

Why are kangaroo's considered a high jumper?

They are considered the highest jumper because their hind legs are long and when they bend down and jump it seems they jump very high.

Who does the long jump?

Most consistant Jumper: Lewis 4-peat olympic jumper: Lewis Unoffical World record holder for 15 minutes: Lewis Best Running to the board jumper: Lewis World record holder: Powell Uses Most of Board: Lewis Unluckiest Jumper: Lewis Best Jumper To never hold the world record: Lewis (because of wind) Decide for yourself?

Which Canadian woman high jumper first cleared six feet?

Debbie Brill

Who is the smartest woman in the world?

Marilyn vos Savant is listed in Guinness as having the highest recorded IQ.