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Ian rush

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Q: Who is the highest goal scorer in fa cup?
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Who is the higher goal scorer in Chelsea this season fa cup?

This season the top scorer for Chelsea is Nickolas Anelka.

Who was the winning goal scorer in the 1987 FA Cup final?

Gary Mabutt (Totenham Hotspur) scored and own goal with his knee

Who scored the First fa cup final goal?

He's recorded as A.H. Chequer, scorer of the only goal when Wanderers beat Royal Engineers in 1872.

What is the highest score in the English FA Cup?

In 1903 Bury defeated Derby County 6-0, in what is still the highest score in an FA Cup final. They also became the second club to win the FA Cup without conceding a goal in any round. wiki

Who was Chelseas highest goal scorer?

Chelsea's record goalscorer is Bobby Tambling, who played from 1959 to 1970 with 202 total goals. Of these 202 goals, 164 were scored in league play, 25 in FA Cup play, 10 in League Cup play, and 3 in European Cup play.

What Wilson played in the FA cup for Nottingham forest?

Tommy Wilson (September 15th 1930-1992) played in the winning team of 1959. He was the scorer of the second goal.

Who has scored most goals in the fa cup?

Ian Rush of livepool has scored the most goals in Fa Cup. 39 goals. ludin ian rush is the second top scorer in the fa cup. the top scorer is harry cursham who scored 49 goals in the 1870s and 1880s for notts county.

What was the fastest goal in the fa cup?

Lois Saha vs Chelsea FA Cup final 2009

Who played in goal for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1981 FA Cup final?

Miligja Aleksic played goal for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1981 FA Cup final.

Who scored the winning goal in an fa cup final and won the fa cup as manager of the same team?

Mexico won the golden cup!

Who are the Goal scorers for 2oo8 FA cup final?

Kanu scored the only goal in the 2008 FA Cup final for Portsmouth against Cardiff City at Wembley.

What cup has the highest value Fa and premiership?


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