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Andreas Seppi (18)

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Q: Who is the highest ever ranked Italian tennis player?
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Who is the highest ranked American male tennis player?

Andy Roddick is the highest ranked American. He is #5 overall. The next is Sam Querry and then James Blake.

What is the highest honor in tennis?

being ranked number 1 in the world

Who is the top ranked tennis player?

Roger Federer

Who is curently the top ranked tenis player in the world?

As of December 2010, Rafael Nadal is the number 1 ranked male tennis player. As of January 2011, Caroline Wozniacki is the number 1 ranked female tennis player.

Who is the top ranked Tennis Player in 2009?

Rafael Nadal!

Who is the best men's tennis player?

Rafael Nadal is currently ranked no.1 men's singles tennis player (2010).

Who is the English tennis player?

England's tennis no.1 in both men and women is Alex Bogdanovic(Ranked 183) and Anne Keothavong (Ranked 61) But if Great Britain is Concerned Andy Murray(Ranked 4) along with Keothavong(Ranked 61) are the top ranked.

Who is belgiums best women tennis player?

As far as WTA rankings go, as of June 23, 2008 the highest ranked Belgian woman is Yanina Wickmeyer at #69. She is the only Belgian woman ranked in the top 100.

Who is currently ranked the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings?

Novak Djokovic is the top male tennis player on the ATP rankings.

Who is the best tennis player from Sweden?

The best Swedish tennis player is probably, Robin Soderling, who stands currently ranked 5 in the world.

Who is the youngest tennis player men to be ranked 1 in the world?

Lleyton Hewitt

Who is the second top ranked female tennis player of 2010?

Caroline Wozniacki.

When did Venus Williams become the top-ranked tennis player?

February 25, 2002

Who is Sharapova?

Sharapova is a famous proffesional tennis player. she is ranked #3 right now.

Who was the oldest tennis player to be ranked number 1 in 2003?

Men Andre Agassi

What did sport did astronaut Sally Ride play as a young woman?

She was a ranked tennis player

Which male Romanian tennis player was ranked No 1 in the world in 1972?

Ille Nastase

Is Caroline wozniacki the second ranked female tennis player in the world in 2010?


Who is the number one ranked table tennis player in Canada?

Wang Zhen (Eugene)

Who is the highest paid table tennis player?


Who are the highest paid tennis players?

Tiger woods is the highest paid tennis player ever . As for the other ones ,the only one i know it's that roger federer is one of the highest paid players and he might be the highest paid tennis player in a few years!!!!!

Who is the world's best table tennis player?

At this time, the #1 Ranked player is Zhang Ji Ke from China

Who is the best Italian tennis player?

simple answer,Zach Galifianakis,

In what year was Pete Sampras the world's number 1 tennis player?

Pete Sampras, a professional tennis player, was ranked as the world's number 1 tennis player in 1993. He held that position for nineteen consecutive weeks.

Who is the third ranked player in tennis at the French Open after Federer or Nadal?

In 2009, it was Andy Murray.