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wayne rooney

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Q: Who is the highest ever English champions league goalscorers?
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Who is the highest premier league goalscorers starting with q?


What do the Premier League Scorers play?

The Premier League Scorers are not a team. It is referring to the English Premier League soccer competition and who the top goalscorers are. So the Premier League Scorers is a list of the top goalscorers.

Top English goalscorer in the champions league?

Paul Scholes is currently the top English goalscorer in the Champions League.

Who are the highest goal scorers in champions league 2011?

The highest scorers in the champion league are Raul and Filippo Inzaghi.

Who is highest goal scorer in champions league in 2012?


Who is the highest scoring englishman in the champions league?

Paul Scholes

Who is the highest goal scoreless in champion league?

Raul is leading scorer in champions league

Who scored a hat-trick in every division of English soccer and the Champions League?

Robert Earnshaw - but not in the champions league

What player has won the world cup champions league euro champions league and English premiership?

Claude Makalele

How much is the highest number of goals in one league of uefa champions league in football-soccer and who scored it?

The highest number of goals in one Champions League is 17. The record was by achieved Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2013/14 season.

Who is the highest goal scorer in champions league history?

It is fillipo Inzaghi.

Who were the English league champions for the 9192 season?