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yaya toure

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Q: Who is the highest earner in English Premier League?
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Who is the highest earner in premier league?

Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney.

What Salary do Football League 2 players get?

£1,000 per week Average. Highest earner is on nearly £2000

Who is the highest earner in football?

david beckham

Who is the highest earner in India?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the highest earner?

The person who makes the most money!

Which footballer earns highest salary?

Highest salary is Cristiano Ronaldo, but highest earner is David Beckham.

Who is The highest pay actor in Hollywood?

Last year the highest earner was Harrison Ford.

What multinational corporation is the highest revenue earner?


Who is the highest earner at Manchester united football club?


Who is the highest earner at arsenal football club?

Andrei arshavin is the highest paid Arsenal player.

Who is the recent highest earner in Arsenal fc?

van persie 110 k a week

Who are top earners at Chelsea fc?

John Terry will always be joint top earner at least, as he has a clause in his contract stating he gets paid as much as the highest earner in the team