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the highest earning NBA player of all time was Micheal Johnson who in his time was on $215,000 a week

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Q: Who is the highest NBA earner of all time?
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Which nba Player had the highest standing reach of all time?

Manute Bol

Who is the highest scoring player ever in the NBA?

The all time leading scorer in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points.

All time player in the NBA?

Michael Jordan was the best all round player. Highest scoring was wilt chamberlein.

Highest paid nba player of all time?

the highest paid basketball player is mj he gets paid 35,000,000 not from basketball from comercails and sponsors

Who is the world highest earning footballer ever?

AnsweIts Zlatan Ibhramovic from Barcelona being the top earner and David Beckham heads the list with all time earning including endorsement and salary

Who is the best player of all-time NBA?

the all time player in the nba is Kobe Bryant

Who is the best NBA player of all time?

the all time player in the nba is Kobe Bryant

What was the highest scoring nba all-star game ever?


NBA all-time block leader?

Hakeem Olajuwon is the NBA all time leader in blocks with 3,830

Who is the NBA all time leader in rebounds?

Wilt Chamberlain is the NBA all time leader in rebounds with 23,924

Who's the best power forward of all-time in the NBA?

It's definitely Tim Duncan. He's one of the highest scorers and rebounders.

What is the best NBA game of all time?

The best game of all time would be NBA 2k12 for right now.The second best would be NBA 2k11.And the third would be NBA Live 10.Thoose would be the best nba games of all time.

What is the best NBA video game of all time?

The NBA video game to me is NBA 2k10

What team in nba 2k11 has the highest staff budget on association?

They are all 10 million

Who leads the NBA in all time NBA finals points?


NBA all time leading scorer is?

The NBA's all time leading scorer is kareem Abdul jabaar

Who is the all time 3 point shooter in the nba?

Ray Allen is the all time NBA 3 point shooter in 2011 he has 68%

Who has the highest vertical leap in the NBA?

Of all time, that would be Darrell Griffith from the Utah Jazz and Michael Jordan. They both had a 48 inch vertical jump.

Top 100 most score made in NBA?

The highest scoring NBA game of all time was played by the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The final score of this December 13, 1983, game was 186 to 184.

Who is the only undrafted player to make the nba all-star game?

John Starks was a 1 time all-star Ben Wallace was a 4 time nba all star Brad Miller was a 2 time nba all star ALL OF THESE PLAYERS ARE UNDRAFTED

Who is the highest paid NBA player ever?

Michael Jordan is the highest paid NBA player of all time. In 1996, he signed a 30 million dollar contract with the Chicago Bulls, that's only for a year. But currently, Kevin Garnett holds the record of the highest paid NBA player with a salary of more than 24 million dollars. from tommy--- Kobe bryant is actually the highest paid at a little over 27 million dollars

What does all the letters stand for at the end of medicare numbers?

The letters after your Medicare claim number refer to the status of the claimant: i.e., wage earner, spouse of wage earner, child of wage earner, etc.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history?

The all time leading scorer in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points.

All-time scorers in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlin Micheal Jordan Allen Iverson ....etc those are All-Time scorer in NBA history.

Who has the highest 3 point percentage in the NBA?

Toronto Raptors guard Jason Kapono has a career three-point field-goal percentage of .463, good enough for first place all-time in both the NBA and ABA.