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Q: Who is the heaviest player in the Seattle Seahawks?
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Was there a player with a name Kennis on the 1979 Seattle Seahawks?


Are the Seattle Seahawks from Oregon?

No. The Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle, Washington.

What state do the Seattle Seahawks come from?

The Seattle Seahawks are from Seattle, Washington.

What is Marshawn Lynch's number on the Seattle Seahawks?

Doug Baldwin is number 89 on the Seattle Seahawks.

How do you write to aSeattle Seahawks Player?

(Name of player) c/o Seattle Seahawks 12 Seahawks Way Renton, WA 98056 If you are sending a card to get signed, make you include a SASE.

What sport teams start with the letter S?

Seattle Seahawks

What is Tony McDaniel's number on the Seattle Seahawks?

Mike Morgan is number 57 on the Seattle Seahawks.

What team is Kam Chancellor on?

Kam Chancellor plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

What college did NFL player Bobby Wagner play for?

NFL player Bobby Wagner played for Utah State.

Who was the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks in 2002?

Mike Holmgren was the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks in 2002.

Where is Seattle Seahawks home turf?

Their clubhouse is in Renton, Washington but the stadium is in Seattle.

What is Seattle Seahawks total win and loss?

The record of the Seattle Seahawks is 4-3 currently.