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Heaviest linemanSam Addams, but that's probably wrong

Leonard Davis hit 381lbs at one point in his career, now he's 353lbs.

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Q: Who is the heaviest NFL lineman ever?
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Who is the heaviest lineman in the NFL?

Gilbert Brown of the Green Bay Packers weighs 375 to 425lbs.

How many times does the average NFL lineman bench 225?

The most EVER by a NFL lineman is 49 repetitions, by Stephen Paea 2011.

What is the fastest 40 an NFL lineman has ever run?

4.52 Dwight freeney

How much do NFL lineman make?

The salary for an NFL lineman will vary according to experience and team budget. The average base salary for an NFL lineman is about $2,187,000 per year.

Who is the heaviest starting quarterback?

Marqueis Gray is the heaviest NFL quarterback ever. He weighs in at 240 pounds and plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who is the biggest lineman in the nfl?

John ogden

What is the average age of an NFL lineman?


Who is the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL?

Joe Thomas is the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL. He is making $8.6M per year.

Who is the Oldest NFL lineman?

Ray Brown was the oldest offensive lineman to play in the NFL. He played 20 seasons and retired in 2006 at the age of 43.

How much does the heaviest player in the NFL weigh?

Currently, the heaviest players in the NFL (as of the 2012 season) is Herman Johnson, guard for the Arizona Cardinals, who was listed on the roster at 6'7" -364 pounds.Former Dallas Cowboy Aaron Gibson, who currently plays in the AFL, was the NFL's first 400-pounder. He holds the record for heaviest NFL player ever, at 410 lbs.

Who is the heaviest NFL linebacker?

The heaviest linebacker is Shawne Merriman 275.

Average height for NFL lineman?

6 3

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