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Q: Who is the head coach of the Boston basketball team?
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Who are the head coaches of the Tennessee vols?

Butch Jones is the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers football team. Rick Barnes is the head coach for the Tennessee men's basketball team. Holly Warlick is the head coach for the Tennessee women's basketball team.

Who is the coach of The Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team?

Bryron Scott is the head coach

Who was the 2004 olympic basketball team coach?

The US men's team head coach in 2004 was Larry Brown. The US women's team head coach was Val Chancellor.

Who is Matt Painter?

Head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers college basketball team.

Who was head coach on the 1979 Michigan State basketball team?

Jud heathcote

Who is the head coach of BYU women's basketball team?

His name is Jeff Judkins

Who coaches Notre Dame?

The Notre Dame football team is coached by Brian Kelly. The head coach of the men's basketball team is Mike Brey. The women's basketball team is coached by Muffet McGraw and the head coach of the hockey team is Jeff Jackson.

Does Boston College have a baseball team?

Yes, Boston College has a fairly good Division 1 baseball team. The head coach of Notre Dame came from having been the head coach at Boston College a couple of years ago.

Who was the first official head coach of the Michigan State basketball team?

Charles Bemies

Who is Jim Crew?

Jim Crews is the head basketball coach for the Saint Louis University men's team. He has been the head coach since 2012.

Who was coach of 1985 villanova basketball team?

Rollie Massimino was the head coach. They beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team for the championship 66 - 64.

Who is the Men's Basketball for the University of Southern California?

The current head coach of the USC men's basketball team in Tim Floyd.