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Gerold Bravo is the world's greatest billiard player. He uses a broomstick as his cue stick.Bravo!!!!

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2009-02-05 06:34:16
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Q: Who is the greatest billiard player in the world?
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Who are the most popular Filipino billiard players?

the filipino players known in the field of billiard are Efren "bata" Reyes,known as "The Magician".He became the "World Billiard Champion".Another filipino billiard player,Renato Alcano from Laguna,became the "World Billiard Champion" in 2006.______________________________________________________________

Who is the best billiard player of all time?

It is the consensus that Willie 'the' Hopp was the all-time best Billiard player. Won more world titles than any other player.

When and where was baseball player Harry Billiard born?

Harry Billiard was born November 11, 1883, in Monroe, IN, USA.

When and where did baseball player Harry Billiard die?

Harry Billiard died June 3, 1923, in Wooster, OH, USA.

Who is the greatest pool player in the world?

The greatest pool player in the world is a debatable topic. However, it is commonly thought that Edward Ralph Greenleaf was the greatest pool player to ever live.

Who is the greatest football player in the world?


Who is the greatest DOTA player in the world?

its KTMDZ!

Who is ranked number one billiards player?

These are the best players as rated by the World Pool-Billiard Association.Male: Darren AppletonFemale: Karen Corr

Did Minnesota Fats play snooker?

Yes. He was a professional Billiard player.

When did baseball player Harry Billiard play?

Harry Billiard debuted on July 31, 1908 and played his final game on October 3, 1915.

What is a person who plays Billiards called?

Cueist; Pool Player; Billiard Player; Snooker Player; Cue Sportsman.

Who is the greatest female player in the world?

Nicol David

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