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Based on the statistics and winning percentage Matt Leinart is the greatest college quarterback of all time.

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Q: Who is the greatest QB in college football history?
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Who has the most rushing yards in college football history as a big east quarterback?

Pat White holds the QB rushing record.

Who is the Rutgers QB in College Football?

Tom Savage

Who is the greatest QB in NFL history?

Joe Montana

Who was the quarterback for the Miami hurricanes in there last championship?

Ken Dorsey was the qb when the Canes beat Nebraska in the 2002 Rose Bowl (2001 season) to complete a perfect season. The 2001 Canes team is widely considered the greatest team in college football history.

Who is the best quarterback in NFL history?

Peyton Manning is the greatest QB in NFL history!!

Who is the oldest qb in college football?

I think it might be Weeden at OSU.

Who are College quarterbacks named Dodd?

Trying to find a College QB named Dodd - in the 50's -60's that would have been one of the winningest QB's in College history?

What do you have to do to be a NFL quarterback?

play college football and be good in it...then get drafted to the NFL and play as a QB

Who is the greatest option QB in college football history?

AnswerTommie FrazierOften considered as the greatest college quarterback ever, Nebraska's offense has never been considered an option offense, they have lived and died with the Power I.Jamelle Holieway is most often considered the greatest option quarterback ever. Oklahoma ran the option and until Jamelle, J.C. Watts, also at Oklahoma, was considered the best option quarterback.

Who has most wins at qb since 2007?

The greatest quarterback in NFL history: TOM BRADY.

Whose the best quarterback in college football?

Everybody knows its Cam Newton QB for the Auburn Tigers

Did a black qb lead usc to championship in college football in 1970's?

Vince Evans, an African-American, was the QB of the 1976 Trojans that won the Pac-10 championship.

Who wore number 3 for notre dame football?

That would be the greatest qb of all time to this point. Joe Montana

Who was Sid luckman?

The first great T Formation QB. Member of the College and Pro football hall of fame.

What central Michigan college football player played for the Dallas Cowboys?

QB Gary Hogeboom between 1980-1985.

Who was the last player to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Raiders to play college football in the state of California?

Robo qb

What is the difference between QB and QB-PP in football?

A QB-PP is a pocket passer quarterback and then you have QB-DT which means a dual threat quarterback.

Did Jon gruden play college football?

Yes, he was the first string All-American QB at a small college in Eastern Kentucky, Morehead State University. Actually, Jon Gruden went to Dayton University in Dayton, OH. He was a back up QB.

Who is the fastest college football Quarterback?

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson for Michigan is the fastest QB in the nation. He runs a 4.3 40. or Pat White for WVU he plays QB but is faster than most RB's he set a record for the most rushing yards for a QB EVER!

What is a DQB in college football?

DQB stands for Dual-Threat QB; It's a quarterback who can run or throw... Mike Vick PQB stands for Pro-Style QB; it's your classic pocket passer... Tom Brady

Who is the greatest QB?

Terry or Joe

What does QB stand for in football?


Who is Goffinet?

PEHS football QB

What does the QB do in football?

play madden

Who hikes the football to the QB?

The center