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Father of gymnastic----------Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Grand father of German gymnastic------Gut Muths.

There is no grandfather of Gymnastic.

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Q: Who is the grandfather of gymnastics?
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Who is the great grandfather of gymnastic?

The person known as the Great Grandfather of Gymnastics is Johann Christophe Friedrich GutsMuths. He published the first systematic textbook relating to gymnastics in 1793.

Who is Johanna Gutts Muths?

He is known as the "grandfather" of gymnastics amd the principal founder of the German school system of gymnastics.

Who was the grand father of gymnastics?

Father of gymnastic----------Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Grand father of German gymnastic------Gut Muths. There is no grandfather of gymnastics

Who is the great grandfather of gymnastics?

Guts Muth (the Great Grandfather of Gymnastics) (1759-1839) He wrote many influential books including carefully chosen gymnastic exercises for girls in 1818. He wrote Gymnastics for Youth, the first book on modern gymnastics in 1793. He describes the use of sloping beams, climbing poles, ladders and ropes along with the balancing beam and the swinging beam.

Who are the grandfather of gymnastics?

Gymnastics in its present form can be traced to Sweden. The history of gymnastics shows that Germany and Czechoslovakia developed gymnastics apparatus around the 1800s. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a German educator was known as the Father of gymnastics. He used pieces of stationery apparatus to inculcate and develop self-discipline and strength of body. The Swedish method on the other hand, developed by Pehr Henrik Ling, is rhythmic gymnastics, concentrated on rhythm and coordination with the use of hoops, clubs and small balls.

Do you have gymnastics?

You dont have gymnastics, you do gymnastics!

Examples of gymnastics?

Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Floor Gymnastics Theme Gymnastic .........................................................................

Do people have to do gymnastics?

no people do not have to do gymnastics

Are there pairs in gymnastics?

it depends on what gymnastics you do if it is rhythmic gymnastics then yes if it is just gymnastics then no

Different kinds of gymnastics?

There are two kinds of gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics, and gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is more dance then tumbling, where gymnastics is the exact opposite.

What is aesthetic gymnastics?

There is no such thing all the different types of gymnastics are tnt gymnastics, guys artistic gymnastics, girls artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics

2 kinds of gymnastics?

# Gymnastics # Rhythmic Gymnastics

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