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Q: Who is the goal keeper for Nottingham forest football team?
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What are the best football boots for a goal keeper?


Why is the England football team so crap?

It's just the goal keeper I mean we could have won yeasterdays game but because of the goal keeper leting in that football in we lost.

Who scored Nottingham forest first premier goal?

Teddy Sheringham v Liverpool

How can you be a good goal keeper in football?

Where Nikes goalie gloves!! :)

Who is the goal keeper for the Spanish football team?

Iker Casillas

When is a goal scored in football?

when the keeper cant be botherd to save it ......... GO ROONEY

What is the name of France's main goal keeper?

The goal keeper in the French football team as of 2014 is named Hugo Lloris. He is also the team captain since 2012.

Which goal keeper hasn't sufferd a goal?

in football, none. in netball, Sodnei Milla in basketball, Austin Clinton...

How many players can play football?

11 on the field at once, that includes the goal keeper.

Who was the goal keeper of Spain in Fifa world cup football -2010?

Iker casillas

What can football players do that keepers can not?

A goal keeper has all the rights of any other player on the field.

What is the job of the goal keeper?

The goal keeper defends the ball from being in the goal.