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There doesn't appear to be a solid answer to this question. Soccer was first played in England, but no one is sure exactly which person or group founded it.

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Q: Who is the founder of soccer?
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Who is captin randolph p soccer?

The founder of soccer

Is cobb morley the founder of American soccer?

Cobb Morley is the 'Father of Soccer'. Actually, he was English so he is the 'Father of "Football"'. In that way, yes he is the founder of a sort. Of course soccer started way back to undated times when soccer had no real rules. But Cobb Morley is the founder of todays soccer. He decided that there should be organized rules that are the same for the whole world. So he did. So, Yes, Cobb Morley is the founder and father of soccer (football! ;-p)

Soccer in the eighth century?

Greeks and ancient Romans. Scotland and England being the co-founder of the organised game.

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Why is the soccer ball important to your culture?

Soccer or 'Association Football' is important to English culture because this form of football is English devised by the 'Football Association' in London 1863. The rulers or 'laws of the game' were written by FA founder Ebenezer Cobb Morley who was also Captain of the Barnes Football Club who played in the first ever soccer game against Richmond Football club in the same year. Since then soccer has taken over the more traditional Cricket in becoming the National game.

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