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Pele is called the best soccer player in the


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Q: Who is the former Brazilian soccer star often called the best player in the world?
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Is Dunga a player?

He is a Former player, he now coaches the Brazilian National Soccer Team :)

Is ronaldo the best Brazilian soccer player ever?

No, Pele is the best Brazilian player ever.

Famous Brazilian soccer player?


Who is the best Brazilian soccer player?

Ricardo KaKaBrazilian soccer player ever is Pelebut now is robinho , ronaldinho, neymar

Which Brazilian soccer player is recognised as the sport's greatest player?


Who is the best Brazilian soccer player ever?


Who is Marius ambotas?

he is a Brazilian fotbal ( soccer) player

Thebest female soccer player is?

marta-she is a Brazilian

Who is the best soccer player in the world nowaday?

The world's best soccer player nowaday is Lionel Messi

Is the soccer player Ronaldinho retired?

No, he plays for a Brazilian team called flamengo and he seems to be enjoying it and has won the guanabara cup with them.

Who are the best women soccer players who play forward?

marta < --- Brazilian soccer player

What was the world's record of having the most goals in soccer?

1,284.By Pele(Brazilian Soccer player)

Famous soccer players whose name starts with r?

Roberto Carlos is a famous Spanish soccer player. Alvaro Recoba is a famous soccer player. Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian soccer player.

What number did Brazilian soccer player Pele wear?


What are the real name of the Brazilian soccer player?

Ronaldo kerim

Name for a skill-full Brazilian soccer player?


Who is the world famous Brazilian soccer player?

Pele and ronaldo

Who is Neymar JR.?

Neymar is a famous brazilian soccer player

What is the Brazilian soccer league called?

Copa do Brasil.

Who is the most improved soccer player in 2007?

the Brazilian player kaka'

Who was the Shortest professional soccer player?

Former Tottenham and Portugal footballer Jose Dominguez (5ft 3in) was one of the shortest soccer players. Today, Brazilian attacking midfielder Élton Jose Xavier Gomes is perhaps the shortest soccer player around - he is only 1.58m (5ft2). Follow the related link below for more short soccer player info. Former Japanese international Shiro Teshima was probably the shortest player 1.52 m (4 ft 12 in)

Who has the soccer jersey 70 in soccer?

Robhino wears number 70 for his club team A.C. Milan... He is a brazilian soccer player

Is the famous Brazilian soccer player named Pele dead?

no way

Which Brazilian soccer player wears number 14?

Anderson Luisao

Which soccer player was nicknamed ''El Rey''?

The player who scored over 1,000 goals for Santos FC and the brazilian national soccer team "Pele''