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Darth vadar

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Q: Who is the football player in the sprint phone commercial?
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Who is the girl in the Sprint cell phone commercial?


What song is played on the new Sprint cell phone commercial?

suck it

Do you have to have a sprint phone to have sprint service?

Yes, but you can also have a Motorola phone but yes in order to have sprint service you need a sprint phone

What is the phone commercial where the guy is talking about traveling to places for people to help with their music sounds and the commercial ends with a 5 second clip of a rave?


Do you have to have sprint service to have a sprint phone?


How do you get sprint service if you already have a sprint phone?

you call sprint and you make a contract with them

What was the cell phone commercial that included scooter my daisy head?

It was Sprint PCS. "Scooter my daisyheads, dimple monkey". They used to have the funniest commercials.

Has anyone got a Chinese knockoff phone to work on sprint?

Usually, buying a phone outside of Sprint for Sprint is difficult since it doesn't use SIM cards. I don't recommend buying phones for Sprint rather buy the phone through Sprint.

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I have a sprint phone and I would like to know can I get a prepaid simcard for it

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How do you reset your voicemail passcode on Sprint phone

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No. You can buy an unlocked phone that is the same model and use it for another network but typically a Sprint phone will only work with Sprint and vise versa.

Where does my sprint mobile phone get service?

For every phone there is a cellphone tower that is giving service for the cellphone provider that you payed for. If you bought your phone at Sprint then it is probably getting service from Sprint.