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Brian Orakpo

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Q: Who is the football player in the Geico commercial on the weight scale?
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Who is the football player in the Geico commercial playing scrabble?

Brian Orakpo, a pro bowl linebacker for the Washington redskins

What is the painting in a geico office commercial?

are the paintings in the geico commercial real

Who is the witch in Geico commercial?

The witch in the Geico Commercial is Jordana Oberman.

Who is the chess player in the Geico commercial?

Brian Orakpo OLB for the Washington Redskins

Who is the Geico spokesman in the Waltons commercial?

The same person as the actor in Geico's The Walton's commercial.

Who does the piggy's voice in Geico commercial?

The piggy's voice in the Geico commercial is provided by actor Maxwell the Geico Pig.

What Yogi Berra quotes did Geico use in the commercial starring him?

Yogi Berra was a baseball player who had very many famous quotes. In a Geico car insurance commercial, Yogi's quote "they give you cash, which is as good as money" was used.

Is Daniel Tosh in a Geico commercial?

No, Daniel Tosh is not in a Geico commercial. Geico has featured various celebrities and comedians in their commercials, but there is no record of Daniel Tosh appearing in one.

What site do you go to make a Geico commercial?

I would start at Geico's website.

In the Geico Gecko commercial where he is looking for his egg salad. What does he say his name is?

This is from the "Geico" commercial where the gecko is in the refrigerator looking for his egg salad.

Is Joaquin Phoenix in a Geico commercial?

No, but the geico actor looks a whole lot like him!

What is the song in the Geico Powerboat Commercial?

The song in the Geico powerboat commercial is "Bread & Water" by Ryan Bingham, He is an Americana singer-songwriter from California.