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Steve Bruce

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Q: Who is the football manager who went to the thia brothel?
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Who is the premier league manager who went to a thai brothel?

Avram Grant

Who were the bottom 2 contestants on American Idol Thursday night?

On March 31st Thia and Naomi were in the bottom two and both went home

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When he was 17, he went to a brothel in Harlem and lost his virginity to a prostitute. Attaboy!

During Shakespeare's time why would you visit the Bankside?

EntertainmentEither to visit a playhouse or a brothel. Either way, you went there for entertainment.

What does went into the break mean in terms of football?

Went into the half.

What is the name of the soccer boss who went to a Brothel?

You are probably referring to Avram Grant who was reported to have visited a "Massage Parlour" while he was Managing Portsmouth.

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I read the Teen Titans comics back in the 80s, and I didn't get a clear answer as to WHY she became a madwoman. Here's what I know: Thia escaped Tartarus and went to earth and blended in with Earth's modern society. She had MANY lovers and husbands and killed ALL of them after conceiving children from them. One of those children was Lilith, a longtime friend of the Teen Titans. Her father owned The Sun Publishing Company, and Thia set him on fire after Lilith was conceived. Thia took over the publishing company and gave Lilith to a nurse to care for her, and the nurse kidnapped Lilith and placed her in an orphanage. Thia found Lilith 20 years later, kidnapped her and took her to Mount Olympus. Lilith was shocked beyond belief that her mother was mad, and refused to join her in her conquest to take over Earth. Hyperion, Thia's brother and mate, grabbed Thia, set BOTH of themselves on fire and disintegrated into ashes. Lilith became a goddess and stayed on Mount Olympus with her mother's family. Unfortunately, Thia's "Children of the Sun" sensed her death and vowed to make Earth theirs, but failed.

Which American football team is managaed by Bill Belichick?

Bill Belichick is the manager of the New England Patriots. He was previously head coach for the Cleveland Browns, and went to Wesleyan University in his youth.

Is this sentence correct The football team and us went out for pizza after the game?

No.Think of it as two separate sentences:The football team went out for pizza... and uswent out for pizza...which should obviously be wewent out for pizza....Therefore, The football team and we went out for pizza...but this sounds a bit awkward, so re-phrase it We and the football team went out for pizza....

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Return when the manager is there?

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he wants his quarterback

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