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Big daddy V as undertaker couldn't lock in the triangle chock he went for hells gate

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Q: Who is the first wrestler who took the Hell's gate from Undertaker?
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Who wins at WrestleMania 27?

The undertaker with his submission move the hells gate

Why did Triple H lose to undertaker?

Undertaker put triple h in hells gate and triple h passed out

Did undertaker win at WrestleMania 27?

Yes by his submission finisher Hells Gate.

How do you do Undertaker's Hells Gate in smackdown vs raw 2011?

Create a move set Superstar Undertaker Special moves Signature/finisher Select hells gate

Did undertaker beat Triple H?

Yes undertaker beat triple h at wrestlemania 27 using his hells gate submission manuever.

Undertaker's finishing move in raw vs smackdown 2009?

Tobmstone(obvously) and Hells gate

Why was the hells gate banned?

Vickie G banned it from RAW because Edge had a match against Undertaker and she was afraid Undertaker would use it on Edge. Thia was when she was GM and Edge was her "husband"

When was Hells Gate State Park created?

Hells Gate State Park was created in 1973.

Who won the match of wrestle main 27 between undertaker vs tripple h?

Undertaker won by way of submission. It was a brutal match with many chair shots on both superstars, but the Undertaker got 'Hells Gate' locked in and HHH tapped out. Though, after that match the Undertaker couldn't stand up and had to be carried of in a stretcher.

What happened to big daddy v when he vs the undertaker?

Big Daddy V tapped out via hells gate. There was a bunch of blood coming out of Big Daddy V's mouth.

What is undertaker's hell gate?

Undertaker's hell gate is another name for the Gogaplata.

Where can one find Hells Gate State Park?

Hells Gate State Park is located in Indiana. The exact address for the state park is 5100 Hells Gate Road, Lewiston Indiana. It is within easy driving distance from Spokane WA and Boise ID.

When the undertaker did his one special move that made people bleed was that real blood or corn syrup with red food colloring?

Yes it is real blood some tims and it's called >>hells gate.

How do you get to hells gate?

search it up on google maps: Hell's Gate, BC, Canada its by the fraser river ok

What is the reputation of the hells gate gang?

This is in pecos bill

What are hells gate state parks hours?


Does Triple H beat Undertaker at WrestleMania 27?

No. The Undertaker used Hell's Gate, and Triple H tapped out.

What state highway is hells gate wai ora spa located on?

State Highway 30. Tikitere, Rotorua.

What is the Undertaker's illegal chock hold called?

Hell's Gate

What is the name of The Undertaker's submission?

It's called "Hell's gate".

Who won the Punjabi prison match big show undertaker?

It was undertaker but he nearly let big show win because he broke the gate and the big show got out seconds after undertaker.

How do you do hell gate by the undertaker?

Its called the gogoplata look it up on youtube.

Who jokes that he works at hells gate?

In the script he is described as the "Porter" although he is in fact a doorman.

What are the undertakers finishers in WWE?

1st of all taker is the best his finishers are last ride, hells gate, chokeslam, and tombstone piledriver

Why was hells gate banned?

vickie gurrerro banned remember back when edge was champ but teddy unbanned the move