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Q: Who is the first blind sports player?
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Related questions

How do blind people play sports?

Some blind people are not completely blind and can see general shapes. If this is the case they can play sports.

When did collegiate sports start?

When the first college fielded a player.

Who was the first sports player to receive a million dollar salary?

Nolan Ryan was the first that I know of.

Whom is the first sports player that enter to rajyasabha?

sachin tendulkar

What Balitmore Ravens player is in The Blind Side?

Michael Oher is the player in "The Blind Side".

What is the difference between the sports films Remember the Titans and The Blind Side?

the blind side is more of drama and audibioghraphy

Was the movie The Blind Side based on a true story?

The Blind Side is an inspirational sports drama movie based on a true story of a NFL star's progression from small-town-Joe to being a famous sports star.

Who was the first baseball player to appear on a sports illustrated cover?

Mayor Alfredo Lim and IskoMoreno

Who was the first sports player ever to get paid?

u would have to go back to anciet times

What are the disadvantages of commercialization of sports in India?

The disadvantages of "Commercialization of Sports" are that At first, sports used to be a hobby. It used to played to enjoy the game. But now, sports is played just because of money and that is due to the commercialization of sports. At first, if there was a player, he wanted to play well to be a better player. Now, players want to play well to be a higher rate at the market. Because of commercialization of sports, illegal "Match-fixing" has started, which is a part of Corruption, which should be highly avoided.

White blind piano player?

There have been plenty of white blind piano players in the history of music. One such player was Derek Paravincini.

What is sport first aider?

a sports aider is a person who when a player is hurt goes on to the court or field and helps them

Who is the top paid sports player?

The top payed sports player is a woman tennis player that is Maria Sharapova

What are examples of moments of inertia in sports equipment?

A moment of inertia in sports equipment is when a hockey puck continues moving in the same direction until another player's stick hits it. Likewise, it remained at rest until the first player hit it.

Who is your best player in all sports?

my first player in football ofcourse is ronaldinho then iniesta then messi and in tennis game is sur rafa nadal

What are the release dates for Amazing Sports Stories - 2008 Bob Aspromonte Blind Faith 1-9?

Amazing Sports Stories - 2008 Bob Aspromonte Blind Faith 1-9 was released on: USA: 8 June 2008

Why are birds blind when born?

Cause when they are first born they are blind but when they get older they dont be blind then they learn to fly.

Who is the best sports player ever in history?

The best sports player ever in history is Brian Scalabrine

How is Helen Keller remarkable?

She was the first blind/deaf to graduate from college.She was the first blind to read regular books.

What is the name of first deaf blind gratuated woman?

Helen Keller is the first deaf blind graduated woman

Is there a sports player who's first name starts with u?

Usain Bolt

Sports players that's first name begin with a o?

Oscar De La Hoya is a boxer. Oscar Robertson is a basketball player. Otto Graham is a football player.

What were sports colonial georgia?

Lacrosse, hunt the slipper, blind mans buff, and football(soccer).

When was Billy Mitchell - electronic sports player - born?

Billy Mitchell - electronic sports player - was born in 1965.

When was David Nelson - electronic sports player - born?

David Nelson - electronic sports player - was born in 1974.