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Arthur Ashe.

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Q: Who is the first African-American male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?
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First African American tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

Althea Gibson.

Who was the first African American male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

Arthur Ashe

Who is the first aferican America male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

nobody....Aferican is not a word....African maybe Ashe

Who is highest ranking singles tennis player 2009?

Federer of course!

Who was the first tennis player to rank number 1 in ATP Ranking?

It is Roger Federer.

Who was the no 1 in the tennis world ranking today?

As of January 19, 2014, the number one tennis player in the ATP is Rafael Nadal.

Who was the south African male tennis player to reach the highest ATP ranking?

Cliff Drysdale?

How does the mens tennis ranking system work?

the current ranking system sclculats how many points a player earns over a 12-months period

How can you get a world ranking in tennis?

you get a world ranking in tennis by first being good at tennis and second of all winning competions like the astralia open etc

Who is the best at tennis?

Rafael nadal is the best tennis palyer because he is the rank 1 player. You can see the ranking order by this link.

Difference between qualifying tennis player and tennis player?

Players with lower ranking usually play qualification round before starting official main tournament. This way they prove that they are currently in good players form to battle with higher ranking competitors. Famous and large tennis tournaments have minimum 3 qualification rounds.

What does Rafael Nadal do?

He is a world class tennis player. In fact, his current ranking right now is #1 in the world.

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