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Q: Who is the female hockey team caption?
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Who is the present caption of Indian junior hockey team?

Manpreet Singh

Who is the caption 2010 world cup in Indian hockey team?

Rajpal Singh

Who is the present captain of Indian hockey team female?

Ashunta Lakra is the current captain of India's national women's field hockey team.

Who is the Indian hockey caption?

Sandeep Singh Sandeep Singh

Who is first caption of England crciket team?

the first caption of england cricket team is james lillywhite

Who is the first caption of Australia cricket team?

the first caption of australia cricket team Dave Greogry

How many women on a hockey team?

Depends what team. Many have none, but you can have as many as are on a team, usually teams are 23 players male or female.

Who is cricket team caption?


Was there ever a NHL goalie that was the team captain?

yes Actually Ice hockey goalies, in most leagues (Including the NHL) cannot be a Caption or Assistant Caption. This is because a Caption or Assistant has to be able to be on the Ice At all times, as the Goalie might be benched a game or be subbed out. So to your answer No a Goalie cant be a caption.

Who is Argentina's team caption?

Javier Mascherano

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

Caption of Pakistani cricket team?

Shahid Afridi.